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2 Trades Today 94 Pips.

Nice to see a bit of movement on a Monday for a change. Mondays of late have been very quiet. We took 2 trades today, both on Euro Dollar. The first trade was a short, and the second trade was a long. Our entry short was at 12967, and our exit was at 12911 for 66 pips profit. Our second trade was Euro long at 12902 up to 12930 for 28 pips.

We also had a possible AUD long trade but the price missed us by a few pips, and i don’t chase trades so we had to let that one go. It would have netted us around 40 pips if our buy order would have been filled.

I am very happy with 94 pips for a Monday though. Its nice to get a couple of decent trades on a Monday, and have a nice start to the week.

I am going to try and add some more content to the site this week if i get time. Some more articles for the new traders to help them along.

If you are trading tomorrow have a good day. 🙂

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