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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Trading Through The Fiscal Cliff.

After a nice Christmas break i came back to the charts yesterday to see if i could make some easy money before the year end.

Trading Forex though holiday periods can be tricky, as the markets can be very volatile and unpredictable due to the lack of volume. These tricky trading conditions are further compounded by the fiscal cliff worries, so we are seeing some pretty big moves up and down for no particular reason, so you have to be very vigilant with your trading this week, to make sure you are not on the wrong side of these moves.

I am still relaxing from my holiday so i am not really looking for trades at the moment, but i did pick a couple up yesterday on Cable. First trade was Cable short at 16195 down to 16173 for 23 pips. We then had a Cable long trade at 16068 up to 16107 for 39 pips.

Today we had another 2 trades this time on Euro. First trade was Euro long at 13166 up to 13190 for 24 pips. We then entered long again at 13175 up to 13204 for 29 pips.

I am finishing now for an early weekend. I will be trading next week, but things will not be back to normal until the week after. If you are in the markets next week tread carefully, and don’t fall over the fiscal cliff. 🙂

Happy New Year to everyone.

Weekly Update. Todays Trading.

Hi guys. As most of you know i have been away for most of the week.

I am not going to post all the room trades as i have too much to do this weekend.

But here are a couple of the trades that were taken.

Monday EJ long at 10995 up to 11036 for 41 pips.

Yesterday Euro short at 13294 down to 13250 for 44 pips.

I was not going to trade today but i saw a couple of good set ups so i could not resist. First trade I took was AUD short at 10440 which i am just about to close at 10400 for 40 pips.

I also took Cable short at 16245 down to 16195 for 50 pips.

I am not going to be doing much trading next week as its Xmas week, but any trades i do take i will post on the blog.

Happy holidays to all. 🙂

Quick Update

Hi guys. Just in case you are wondering why i have not given an update on my trades recently. I am away on holiday until Thursday the 20th Dec. The trading room are sending me a few trades through, so i will update the blog with those trades when i get back.

I am not trading at the moment as i am traveling and i do not really want to be trading while i am on holiday. 🙂

Have a great trading week everyone. I will update when i get back.

Trading Update.

Quick trading update.

Yesterday we took EJ short at 10640 down to 10612 for 28 pips.
We also took Cable short at 10690 down to 10666 for 24 pips.

Today we took EJ long at 10660 up to 10696 for 36 pips.
We took Cable long at 16082 up to 16109 for 27 pips.
We also took Cable short at 16113 down to 16100 for 13 pips.

FOMC tomorrow so we may see some action. Have a great trading day. 🙂