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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Recent Letter I Received From One Of My Students.

Recent Letter I Received From One Of My StudentsThis is a letter i received from one of my students over the weekend.

I don’t solicit letters of recommendation from students, but Andy urged me to put this on the site, as he wants to let other traders know that they can become successful with the right training.

Andy has been struggling for almost 10 years to become successful, he has a real passion for trading so he never gave up hope of one day finding what he was searching for. I am pleased to say he has now found it. 🙂

Dear Rob,

I would like to thank you for the education that you have given me on your course.

Prior to taking your course I had been trying to make money on the Forex with the less than adequate information that I had gathered from the many different trading systems that I had bought. While I was considering buying your course, which is much more than I had previously paid for this type of education, I was wondering if this was going to be more money down the drain on yet another course with false promises. I need not have worried. What I got from your course was an education about the forces that make the Forex move, armed with this I am now able to predict when a currency pair will move in a particular direction and where will be a logical place to take my pips. I guess the old adage is right, you get what you pay for. I’m only sorry that I didn’t realize that sooner, it would have saved me a lot of time, heart ache and money.

Thanks again Rob, I would give your course the highest recommendation to anyone who is looking for the answer to his or her dream of trading for a living as I was.

Best regards

Andy L

Weekend Trading Update. Great Week Of Training This Week.

GreGreat Week Of Training This WeekMorning all. This week has been a very busy week for me training wise, and i have not had that much time to focus on trading myself. I have taken a few trades, but not as many as i normally would. I did have a loser this week for -37 pips, but i still came out of the week with my 100 pips target intact. 🙂

Although i have not made that much money this week i am very happy with what i have accomplished. My new students are doing very well and are starting to see, and trade the high probability set ups that i am teaching them.

If you are a regular follower of my blog you will know that i have not been teaching for that long, but teaching is going to be a major part of what i do, and i get so much more out of that side of the business than i get out of trading. Trading is great, and i love it, but its a really good feeling when you are teaching traders how to trade profitably. Traders that have been trading Forex for a number of years and losing money, that are now understanding how the market works, and how to profit from it, and they are realizing that they no longer have to give their money to their brokers, and their days of losing money in the market will soon be over. Traders that have always dreamed of becoming profitable are now closer to their dreams and its all because of your training. It don’t get much better than that i can tell you. Can i just say thanks to the guys who have been giving me some great feedback this week, i really appreciate it, and i am looking forward to next week. 🙂

OK here are the trades i took this week.

Monday i had a great set up on Euro Dollar, but i had lost my news feed so i did not take the trade. I don’t trade the news but i like to listen to it to give me an idea of whats going on in the market. After that trade i did not get any other set ups. I think it was bank holiday in Europe so it was pretty quiet.

Tuesday, was not a great day. I entered Cable long at a key reversal level but price took another 4 hours before it reversed. It was one of those slow grinding moves lower that do not give you any opportunity to get out of the trade. Normally you will get some sort of pullback to enable you to get out, but on this move it just kept going. I decided to call the trade in at -37 pips. It went down another 10 pips before it reversed very aggressively, as i expected it to do when i got into the trade. It was an unusual move, and i should have waited for a better entry signal, but when you are trading off reversal levels you have to make the call to either enter at the bottom or wait for the reversal to start. I decided to enter at the bottom, but it was not the bottom unfortunately. 🙁

Wednesday i took Euro long for +30. I also took Dollar Cad short for +20.

Thursday i took one trade late on, on EJ long for 38 pips. I love trading EJ as you can get your pips really quickly.

Friday i took 2 trades very late in the day. I had a few hours off on Friday, and took my wife out for lunch. I was waiting for some key reversal levels to set up, and they came into play at after the UK session had closed. I don’t normally take trades at that time on a Friday, but i had been waiting for these trades since Thursday morning so i decided i was not going to miss the opportunity. I took EJ long for 39 pips and AJ long for 37 pips, which was a great bonus for the week.

Total trades for the week 6. 5 winners 1 loser. 127 pips profit.

I currently have one spot left for one to one training. When that has been taken its going to be 2 months before i can take on any more students. If you wish to take the spot please ring me on 07939 42 7000.

Weekend Trading Update. New Earn While You Learn Forex Trading Room.

New Earn While You Learn Forex Trading RoomGood morning. This week has been very busy for me. I have had a few new students start in the last 2 weeks so i have been spending a lot of time with them, trying to get them up to speed as quickly as possible. So its not been a normal trading week for me.

I have also changed the way i run the earn while you learn option. I used to just give entries and exits and stops, but i found myself spending more and more time explaining my reasons for taking the trades, so i decided to set up a new live trading room for the earn while you learn students.

So now if you go for the earn while you learn option, not only will you be getting the chance to copy my trades, you will also be getting extra training in the live trading room. The feedback i have been getting from the students that are in this new room is very positive. They are really benefiting from the sessions, and their understanding of the market is greatly accelerated.

I have not taken as many high probability trades this week as i normally do, as i have been teaching for most of the week, but here is an update on the trades i did take.

Monday i took 2 trades for 41 pips. I took USD JPY long at 10154 up to 10181 for 27 pips. I also took Cable short at 15365 down to 15351 for 14 pips.

Tuesday i took 2 trades for 35 pips. I took AUD long at 9904 up to 9919 for 15 pips. I also took Cable long at 15234 up to 15254 for 20 pips.

Wednesday i took 3 trades for 67 pips. I took AUD long at 9857 up to 9888 for 31 pips. I also took Cable long at 15197 up to 15221 for 24 pips. I also took Euro long at 12856 up to 12868 for 12 pips.

Thursday i took 2 trades for 28 pips. I took AUD long at 9804 up to 9817 for 13 pips. I also took AUD long again at 9303 up to 9818 for 15 pips.

Friday was a bit of a tricky day as there was a lot of news about, and i am very wary with trading when news is out. I was very busy with teaching on Friday too but i did take one trade on Dollar Cad which was stopped out for 10 pips loss. The trade did work out, but i had a very tight stop for the benefit of the new students.

Total trades for the week 10, total pips 161.

Weekend Trading Update. Its Been A Quiet Week Trading This Week.

Its Been A Quiet Week Trading This WeekThis week has not been a great week of trading for me. Its the first week back from my holiday and the trading opportunities have been few and far between. I have also been busy with teaching this week so i generally take less trades when i am teaching as i do not trade and teach at the same time.

I also like to take it easy on the first week back from holiday, as i have missed 2 weeks of news. Now although i don’t trade the news, the news helps me get a feel for how the pairs are going to react, and what news is expected by the market, and how it can affect the price.

Monday was a bank holiday, so trading volumes were low and i did not get any high probability set ups, so i did not take a trade on Monday.

Tuesday was OK, i took 2 trades for a total of 48 pips. I took Euro short at 13126 down to 13101 for 25 pips. I also took EJ short at 13034 down to 13011 for 23 pips.

Wednesday was a little better. 2 trades again for 54 pips. I took Euro short at 13127 down to 13107 for 20 pips. I also took Cable short at 15586 down to 15552 for 34 pips.

Thursday i took 3 trades for 63 pips. I took EJ long at 12981 up to 12997 for 16 pips. I also took Dollar Cad long at 10016 up to 10037 for 21 pips. I also took Cable short at 15580 to 15554 for 26 pips.

i took 2 trades for 39 pips. I took Euro Dollar short at 13010 down to 13001 for 9 pips. I also took a nice trade on AUD long at 9980 up to 10010 for 30 pips.

Total trades for the week 9. Total pips 204.