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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Beware Of Binary Options Scammers

binary options scammers

I have had emails in recent weeks from people who have been ripped off by binary options scammers.

So why are are people emailing me you may ask?

Well these low life indiviuals who run these scam websites, are using my good name, and my website to promote their scams, to make it look like i have some sort of involvement in their operation.

So i just want to state here and now i do not have any involvement in any binary options brokers or websites. Binary options are nothing more than a scam, so steer well clear of them.

So how do these companies use my name?

If you do a search on Google for Rob Taylor Forex, or Rob Taylor Trade Forex Make Money, you will see the binary options scammers websites come up in the search results.

These results are nothing more than manipulated doorway pages that forward onto their crooked websites. This process of manipulating the search results is illegal, as well as damaging to my reputation.

I have contacted Google about this, and i have reported these websites to the appropriate authorities. So hopefully they will be dealt with pretty soon, and my repulation will not be further damaged by these crooks.

I should see it as a copmpliment really, that these companies are prepared to use my good name and my company to promote their illegal activities, but when i get emails from people telling me that they have lost almost £500,000 to these conmen it makes me feel sick. So i have to act against these individuals to protect myself, and the unfortunate people that fall for their lies.

We cannot let these people carry on with these illegal activities, that are ruining peoples lives, so they can live the good life while others suffer.

So if anyone is using my name or my company to promote illegal activities, then i suggest you remove any reference to me or my company from your marketing efforts at once. As i will take the appropriate action to protect myself and my business.

If anyone sees any websites that are using my name or my company to promote illegal activities, i would appreciate it if you could email me and let me know about it. Thank you.