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3 Trades Today. Profit Of 98 Pips Combined.

As we are slowly getting back to normal trading volumes, trades were thin on the ground again today. We had a buy limit set on AUD at 10226 that triggered in the Asian session. We closed that this morning at 10270 for 44 pips. I also took 2 Euro shorts this afternoon, and banked 34 pips and 20 pips respectively.

We had 2 potential entry targets on our Euro short trades, so we split our position between the 2 targets. The first entry was at 12583. This trade was playing out well when the UK PMI data which should have been released tomorrow was leaked today, so Cable shot up and took the Euro with it. Our second entry triggered at 12597 which turned out to be the top of the spike which was nice, and Cable and the Euro then proceeded to fall back taking us instantly into a nice profit. I love it when that happens. 🙂

We had an initial exit target for both Euro trades at 12541, but Euro bottomed at around 57 and looked like it was going to move back up so we closed out of both of our positions at 12563.

Based on one of my high probability Forex trading strategies that i use, i expect the Euro to hit the 12535 area either in the Asian session, or UK session tomorrow morning. So if we get a move back up I may set another short trade to target that area.

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