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Category Archives: Forex Trading Articles

Trading Update

I had an email today from someone that asked me if I was still trading as I had not updated the website for a while.

Yes, I am still trading and teaching, but I do not update this site as often as I would like as it does not get that many visitors so I generally tend to update my other site more often.

Please accept my apologies for not updating more often.

If you want to see the latest updates please visit my other site.

Price Action Forex Trading

Thank you. 🙂

Who Says You Cant Trade The 1 Minute Timeframe?

Professional Forex Trader

Who Says You Cant Trade The 1 Minute Timeframe?

I trade the 1 minute timeframe quite successfully with my entries indicator.

This indicator gives very accurate signals for entries trading with the trend or counter trend and does not repaint.

You will get this indicator for free when you sign up for any of my courses.

40 pips from that move on the 1 min timeframe.

How much could you make trading the h1 timeframe with this indicator?

Click on image for larger chart

Are you still content to struggle though the next 12 months losing money, or do you want to spend 2020 making money with me?

Call me now on 07939 427000 for availability.

Changes To Forex Training Courses.

Changes To Forex Training CoursesI have made some changes to my Forex training courses. The 20 and the 40 hour courses have been changed to 15 and 30 hours. The new prices are £4995 for the 15 hour course, and £9995 for the 30 hour course.

These changes reflect a more streamlined course structure and added bonuses.

The learn to trade in 5 days course, and the learn to scalp in 5 days course have been repriced at £1750 from £1500, as myself and many students feel that £1500 is far too cheap for what im giving you.

I am in the process of changing the pricing throughout the site but i will no doubt miss some old pages. So if you find any of the old prices please let me know what page its on and I will give you the old price as a thank you for letting me know.

The earn while you learn option that was available for an additional £1000 is now FREE to all students that take the 15 or the 30 hour course. Membership of the live trading room is also FREE to those students.

Changes are effective immediately.

The Importance Of Getting Forex Training From A Professional Trader.

Professional Forex TraderI tell you what really pisses me off. Forex training providers that are taking peoples money and not delivering what they promise.

Like many people I speak to, you may have paid for a Forex training course that has promised to teach you how to become successful but has failed to deliver on that promise.

I was prompted to write this article by someone that contacted me this week, who had paid many 1000’s of pounds for a Forex training course in London that promised to teach him how to trade. When he told me his story I felt sick and very angry to think that he had been conned by this so-called trading academy.

Why are these companies allowed to still be in business when they are teaching people the same old crap that you can get on YouTube for free. It really is past a joke now, something needs to be done to stop these companies taking money from people with false promises.

Some of the largest training companies are the biggest culprits here. There needs to be some regulation in place to stop these people from churning out this crap and taking peoples money.

Ok, rant over.

If you have been a victim of these con men I would like you to email me and tell me your story.
I will not publish or divulge any of the information you share with me, everything will be confidential.

The value of professional training.

You cannot put a price on the value of getting professional Forex training from a professional Forex trader. Everyone I teach is blown away by the quality of the education I give them. It gives me great satisfaction to know that.

One guy I was teaching this week who had been trading almost 10 years, said, after his first lesson with me he just sat there dumbfounded by what I had just taught him. Almost 10 years he had been following retail trading strategies without success, and now he’s on his way to trading with professional trading strategies that do actually work.

People say why do you teach? I say because of the reaction I get from my students when I tell them everything you have been doing for the last 10 years was wrong, and this is what you should have been doing.

Thanks for visiting my site. Have a great weekend.