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Forex Signals


You are not seeing things, my live Forex signals service with an unbeatable 100% money back guarantee has arrived.

Forex SignalsI have been considering offering a Forex signals service for many years now, but i have always decided against it, as i just wanted to focus on the training and mentoring. I am still taking on new students for the training and mentoring, but i have come to realize that not everyone wants to learn how to trade, some people just want to make money.

I offer my managed Forex trading service to high net worth clients that just want to make money, but not everyone has the funds required to be able to take advantage of that service. Plus not everyone wants to open an account with a new broker, or hand over control of their account to someone they have never met, or sign LPOA agreements and other paperwork.

So after much deliberation i have decided to offer a Forex signals service for a monthly fee. You do not have to have a minimum account balance. You do not have to change your current broker. You do not have to hand over control of any of your funds, and you do not have to fill in any paperwork.

What you do have to have is a basic knowledge of Forex trading. You have to know how to open and close a trade, you have to know how to set a stop loss and a take profit, and that’s about it really. I offer free advice about leverage and money management if required.

Who are the signals suitable for?

The signals are most suitable for active traders that are trading the markets on a daily basis. I am primarily an intra day trader, trading the lower time frame charts, so if you are an active trader you are going to get more opportunities than someone that is trading part time.

If you are a part time trader, that has limited access to the market, that’s no problem. I can send daily signals to part time traders if that is what you require. The daily signals will have larger stops, but also larger take profits.

How are the signals delivered, and how often?

The signals are delivered live via Skype, so if you do not have a Skype account you can set one up here.

As soon as i identify an opportunity in the market the trade will be Skyped to you. The signals are sent in real time, in live market conditions. They are exactly the same trades as i am trading live on my own trading account, and in the live trading room.

You are basically getting full access to the trades we take in my live trading room, but without the training and mentoring.

Important information.

I am limiting this offer to 100 subscriptions only. The reason i am limiting this offer is i want to give all subscribers the best possible service i can. I also want to make sure adequate liquidity is available for all subscribers.

The signals i will be sending you are derived from the same strategies and understandings that i teach in my Forex training course, and taking on 1000s of subscribers will mean that not everyone gets the best entries and exits, as brokers can limit liquidity at certain price points, if everyone is trying to enter and exit the market at the same time. Limiting the number of subscribers will ensure adequate liquidity is available for everyone.

Money back guarantee.

If in the unlikely event that my signals have a negative month, your subscription will be refunded for that month. You are only paying for results, no pips, no charge.

I don’t know of any other signals services, that offer real time, live market signals, with a 100% money back guarantee.

Don’t be fooled by other signals services who do not offer real time signals, so they can hide behind excuses. I am doing it live, in real time, and i have nowhere to hide. But as a professional trader with 14 years of Forex knowledge under my belt, i am 100% confident in my ability to deliver a great service, and lots of pips to my subscribers, this is why i offer this unbeatable guarantee.

Subscribe now.

The cost of subscription is £299 per month. Please click on the PayPal button below to subscribe.

When you have completed your subscription, please email me at with your full name, your PayPal transaction id, and your Skype username.

I will then confirm your subscription by email and start sending you signals live via Skype.

You can cancel your subscription at any time.


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