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Forex Training Course

Why My Forex Training Course?

If you want to learn how to trade Forex you need the right Forex training course. Please read this page carefully to see what i can offer, and why my Forex training and mentoring program is in my opinion the number 1 Forex training course available in the industry today.

Learning to trade Forex correctly is a skill that eludes most people that try it, but thankfully i am not one of those people. I have spent over 14 years trading and perfecting my skill to enable me to enter and exit the market with precision, and make consistent profits day in day out from my trading. I take high probability trades based on advanced price action, and a complete understanding of the market, and my Forex training course will teach you how to be successful and profitable.

Are you struggling to make money consistently from Forex?
Do you enter a trade and hope that it goes your way?
Are your stops continually getting hit?
Does it feel like your broker is out to get you?
Do you chase a big move only to see it reverse on you and stop you out?
Do you enter a trade feeling scared of losing your money?
Are you frustrated and stressed out by Forex trading?

If you can relate to any of those questions then you are probably the majority of traders. 95% of Forex traders lose money. Where does that money go? That money goes to me, and the other 5% of traders that know how to trade correctly. When you enter the market you are putting your money on the line against professional traders, you owe it to yourself to have the same knowledge that they have. I can give you that knowledge, and put you in the 5%. Forex trading is not a game, or a hobby, its a business. If you do not treat Forex as a business then you will lose your money.

Any business that you enter requires some form of investment. Whether that is a financial investment or an investment of time. To be successful in Forex trading you have to invest both, time and money. The amount of time and money you invest is proportional. You can invest a little bit of money, and a lot of time. Or you can invest a lot of money and a lot less time. I am sure you have heard the phrase time is money, well that saying could not be more appropriate than when its applied to trading. You can spend years and years learning to trade Forex correctly. 5 years, 10 years, 15 years even.

Some of my students have been trading for over 10 years, and losing money all that time. They have spent money on other Forex training courses, that promised much, but delivered very little, they have spent money on fool proof trading systems, and EAs or robots, but without success. But after just a few weeks with me they are starting to see results in their trading accounts. And a just few months down the line they are profitable traders at last.

If you really want to learn how to trade Forex successfully there is only one way to go, and that is to find someone like me that is successful, and pay them to teach you how to trade correctly. It saves you a hell of a lot of time, and time is money.

Ask yourself this question. Would you rather save your money and spend the next 5 or 10 years trawling the internet, doing all the wrong things, not knowing what works, and what does not work, and trying to teach yourself Forex trading through trial and error? How much time and money do you think you would have to lose before you really cracked it, and could make money consistently, day in day out. You could end up losing 50k over the next 5 to 10 years and still not be any nearer to being able to trade successfully on a daily basis. Does it make sense to invest money now, and find a professional to teach you how to trade, or does it make more sense to do it yourself? I know which one makes more sense to me. Don’t spend the next 10 years losing money, invest in your trading future now, and spend the next 10 years making as much money as you want.

I am just one of a number of professional traders that offer Forex training and mentoring. I am a great trader, and a great teacher. But i have not always been a great trader, i was not born a great trader. I have paid my dues. I am not afraid to admit that i have struggled, i have been where you are now, i have lost money, and i have contemplated failure. But throughout my life i have always set myself goals, some small, some big, and i have always reached those goals. I have never ever failed to reach a goal that i have set for myself, and i was not going to let Forex be the first failure. So one day i decided that i was going to do it, i was going to succeed. When i had made that decision in my mind that i was going to be a successful Forex trader, my real journey began. I searched the internet, not for Forex systems, or Forex get rich quick schemes, i searched for Forex traders, successful professional Forex traders that were prepared to teach me how to trade. When i had made the decision to pay a professional Forex trader to teach me how to trade i really started to make progress on my journey.

Professional traders trade very differently to retail traders, they look at the market differently. Paying a professional to give me the insight into how the market works, was the best decision i ever made in my Forex trading career. The knowledge and insight i gained from sitting with professional trader really opened my eyes, and enabled me to take what i had learned from him to a new level of understanding. How i trade now, and what i teach my students, is a combination of what i have learned from professional traders, and what i have learned from my own study of the market, through 1000′s of hours of chart time.

So what am i offering you? I am offering you the opportunity that i was searching for all those years ago. I am offering to teach you how to trade the Forex market correctly. I will show you in easy to understand lessons how to make consistent profits, day in day out from your trading, and give you the knowledge needed to enable you to become a professional trader like me.

Please note: My Forex training course is delivered online via Skype and a live trading room. All training is done in live market conditions. You will be able to see my live trading platform, and i will teach you how to trade as i do. Explaining the set ups as they happen live. Training at weekends is possible but it wont be live as the markets are closed.

Forex Training Course Options.

There are 2 training and mentoring options available to you.

Option 1. One to one Forex training and mentoring for new traders. Lasts 3 months.

I can offer new traders a 30 hour one to one training and mentoring program that can take up to 3 months to teach. You will have a minimum of 4 hours training per week.

Option 2. One to one Forex training and mentoring for experienced traders. Lasts 2 months.

I can offer experienced traders a 15 hour one to one training and mentoring program that can take up to 2 months to teach. You will have a minimum of 2 hours training per week.

One to one training can be started anytime to suit.

Both options are totally flexible and can be tailored to suit the individual.

Earn while you learn Forex trading. Both of my training programs also offer what i call earn while you learn Forex trading. For more information on my earn while you learn trading please click here.

Live Trading Room. All students that take advantage of either the 15 or the 30-hour training and mentoring course will have access to my live Forex trading room. The live trading room is open 24/7 and is a great tool for furthering your education and developing your skills as a trader. You can see myself and other professional traders taking live trades, and explaining the reasons for entering and exiting those trade.


Is My Forex Training Course Suitable For You?

Places on my Forex training course are limited, so i offer them on a first come first served basis. If you are interested in taking my course, please first ask yourself a few questions to see if the course is suitable for you.

Ask yourself. Am i looking to get rich quick? If you are then you are not suitable for my Forex training course. Forex trading is not a get rich quick scheme, its a job that has to be learned like any other job.

Do i have the time to learn how to trade? You will need to make time to learn how to trade. You will need to set aside 2 or 4 hours per week for lessons, plus you will need additional private chart study time, to familiarize yourself with what i am teaching you. How much private chart time you dedicate per week, is up to you, but it will have a effect on how quickly you will learn. The more chart time you set aside for yourself, the quicker you will learn.

Please note: When you have completed my course you will not be on your own. I realize that it can take some people longer than others to learn, so i always make myself available to all my students, whenever they need help. As well as my support, you will also have the support of the live trading room if needed.

Do i have the skills needed to become a professional trader? Some people make better traders than others. Determination, confidence, self belief, patience, self discipline are some of the skills needed to become a successful trader. If you do not have these skills naturally they can be learned. I am determined and confident and i have a lot of self belief, but i have learned to be patient, and self disciplined.


Why are you offering Forex mentoring if you are a professional trader, why don’t you spend all your time trading and making money? I do spend most of my time trading and making money, but as i have a commitment to my live trading room, and my other students, i may as well teach new people to trade at the same time. I also enjoy teaching, i get a lot of satisfaction from it, what i teach changes people lives. Most of my students have been struggling for years to make money from trading, they have always dreamed of becoming professional traders, and i help to make those dreams a reality.

Can you give me an idea of what you will teach me in the training program?
I trade using a mixture of technical analysis 70%, and fundamental analysis 30%. So i will be teaching you both in my training course. Fundamental analysis is a lot harder to understand than technicals, but i can show you an easy way to learn fundamentals, so you can progress a lot quicker.

For new traders i cover everything you need to know to enable you to become a successful Forex trader. From opening an account with a broker, setting up your trading platform, right through to entering, managing, and exiting trades, and withdrawing your profits.

I trade primarily using my own advanced price action trading strategies, so the majority of my time will be spent teaching you how to read live price action, the way i read it, and take high probability trades based on what the chart is telling you to do.

I will teach you how to read the market like a professional trader, and explain to you how the price moves, and why it moves. When you have learned to read what the market is telling you, you can predict with high probability what is going to happen next.

What’s so special about your training? I have seen other Forex training courses for a lot less than you are charging. Yes there are other Forex training courses available, and yes a lot of them are much cheaper than mine, (there are also courses that are more expensive than mine.)

The majority of Forex trading information out there is a waste of time and money. Why do you think that over 95% of traders lose money? Because 95% of the Forex training courses out there are teaching them to lose money. The difference with my course and the majority of other courses, is that i teach you how to make money from trading. I am not just teaching you how to trade. Anyone can learn how to trade, there is lots of free information online that will teach you how to trade, but it wont teach you how to make money. I teach you how to make money.

If you are in any doubt about my ability to be able to teach you how to make money in the markets, then check out this trading statement.

My course gives you the insider knowledge on Forex trading, i will show you how the professional traders trade, how the big bank traders trade. How much would you have to pay to sit next to a top trader at Barclays or Deutsche bank? If you could buy a seat next to him, which you cant, it would cost you 100 times the price of my course. I will show you exactly how he trades in my course. Who else can show you that?

Am I guaranteed to make money after completing the training and mentoring program? I cannot guarantee that everyone i teach will make money from Forex, as some people do not have what it takes to be a successful trader. What i can guarantee is, that i will teach you to trade Forex like a professional, and if you follow my rules, you will consistently make money from trading Forex. I earn a very good living from trading Forex, and if you take one of my programs i will do everything in my power to make you successful.

I will guarantee you one thing though. You will not need to buy another Forex training course ever again. There is no other Forex training course out there, that i am aware of, that will give you such a comprehensive understanding of how to make money from Forex trading. I am 100% confident in what i teach, and i will guarantee that if you cannot make money with the education i give you, you will never make money from Forex trading.

Can i speak with other students that have taken your Forex training course? I am quite happy for potential clients to speak to any of my students for an honest review of my services. I have nothing to hide. All my students are very happy with what i teach and the mentoring i give, and agree that what i teach is worth a lot more than what i charge for it. You can see some trader reviews of my training courses here.

Please note: My Forex training course do not involve buying any special software, or does not use automated trading systems. My training course is not a Forex starter course, that require you to upgrade, or take more advanced courses at a much higher price, as some Forex training courses do. You are not required to trade at certain times of the day, or only trade certain currency pairs. My training course will teach you how to trade Forex at anytime of the day or night, on any currency pair, on any time frame. My training course is suitable for new traders, or existing traders that are struggling to make consistent profits from the market.

My Forex training course is not recorded so you will not find it anywhere online, and if you enroll on my course you will not be allowed to share the information i teach you with anyone else, apart from other people that have completed the course or members of the live trading room.

I am offering you a commitment to teach you how to trade Forex like a professional Forex trader, please do not respond to my offer if you are not prepared to devote the time and effort required to make yourself successful. I will give you the tools you need, but i will not build the house for you. I will promise to do everything i can to help you succeed, and i will teach you everything i know to enable you to become successful. If you are prepared for a little hard work, then you will reap the rewards, and the rewards are huge.

So if you are looking for a new exciting rewarding career, and you think you have what it takes to become a successful Forex trader then i would like to hear from you. My training and mentoring programs are available worldwide, and one to one lessons can be tailored to suit timezones.

Option 1. 30 hours one to one for new traders. Lasts 3 months. Price £9995.

Option 2. 15 hours one to one for experienced traders. Lasts 2 months. Price £4995.

Please email me at for availability.

You may also call me on 07939 42 7000.

If you are in the UK I will be happy to call you. To request a call back please drop me an email with your number on, and the nature of your enquiry, and i will be happy to call you back.

If you are outside of the UK, i can call you Via Skype. Just drop me an email and include your Skype id.

I now also offer group Forex training courses in my live trading room in Shrewsbury. More info here.

Take control of your trading. Don’t be in the 95% be in the 5%.

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