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Training Course Reviews

As promised I have decided to share a few reviews from traders about my Forex training courses.

All reviews are written by traders that have taken either the 30 hour the 15 hour or the learn to trade in 5 days course.

Hi Guys. I’ve been testing the scalping method for the last couple of weeks. opened a demo account and took the day off work to trade. Great initial results, took 91 pips today. A very promising method, I love it so far.
Last week I scalped when I was at work and backtested in the evenings, excellent results for UK/NY session.

I think that’s me done for trading this week. 275 pips from Monday, I think I could have taken more. Shout out to Rob, had the in-person course with him last week. My tiny account which had originally £200, was sitting at £70 last Tuesday. took 100 pips sitting with him last Tuesday afternoon in about 3hrs. Since Wednesday myself, my first goal to get back to the £200 mark, which I did today. next is to do this consistently and build up an account over the next few months. Thanks Rob for giving me confidence in my trading, still got a few things to work on, though.

Hi Rob! Hope you are doing well! I am doing fine over here on the West Coast. (Although it has been unusually rainy. I wouldn’t be surprised If beat England this year for the amount of rainfall!) Definitely not the norm for the California desert. I have been doing great with your strategy. I am able to make consistent profits with it. I really have been concentrating on certain patterns as well and coupling them with the strategy. Since I am profitable, I still want to churn out more revenue before I join the full course, although that is still very much my goal. Also, I understand Chris L took the course as well. I know Chris, and it was actually him a couple of years ago that showed me your website. Wanted to say thanks again, you have made such a positive impact on my life! Anyway, I hope to stay in touch and join up with u ASAP. Take care.

Didn’t want to seem to be bragging in the room, but have done just over 400% to target this week, admittedly I closed my hedges for the longs I have on cable and GJ….best week so far…to date I believe

All your hard work on me starting to paying off I think. Feel much more in control now, knowing what needs to be done. Inner voice and experience finally speaking. Took 1000 quid from the account last week and scalped it aggressively on m5/m15 (with a tight stop on all trades, and making sure flat at the end of each day). Made 30% return this week, even with losses. Coz using a stop had to be strict with any entry not working and consider closing on a retrace for small loss etc. Going to take the 30% out, back to 1000 quid and attempt to do similar next week.

Hi Rob. Had a blinding week, 4 more weeks at this rate and I can quit my day job and do this full time. £2400 this week. Thanks again.

Hi Rob how are you doing? I’ve had a look at all the possible trades that could have been taken on Friday and I realize just how many opportunities there were. -10 +40 +40 +15 +20 +30 +20 +20 +30 +15 = 220. I caught some but missed so much more. I now realize just how powerful the strategy is if I didn’t already. 220 pips in one day is just amazing.

Hi Rob,

First I want to say that your template is simply amazing, and I can only imagine all of the time and effort that went into not only developing the template but the concept as well. I am really enjoying using it.

I am having a great deal of! fun with this system so far, and I am very excited
to continue to use it

Thanks again Rob. Great Work!

Tom D.

Hi Rob,

Just like to thank you for sharing your knowledge, this has allowed me to realise a lifestyle that I thought would only be a pipe dream. I have tried counting the pips I have made since 10th May, after 900 by 25th, I lost track. I have made £2200 to date within 4 weeks, so I estimate 390-450 pips a week. Again, thank you for sharing.


I had spent many years trying to make an income from trading Foreign Exchange.

I took training with several different training providers here in the UK, all claiming they could show me how to make money in the markets. It wasn’t long after my training had finished and I began to trade live did I then realize these teachings fell well well short of the mark.

I paid for training in the futures market with a US-based company called ATW. At first, the software we used to find our setups worked fine, and I had some early wins. Unfortunately, after the first year, the gentleman behind the company split with his partner and had to close the company down.

I left trading alone for about a year before getting the itch again.

I remember I googled ‘learn to trade forex UK’ – up came Rob’s link. I liked the fact he had a contact tel number and wasn’t hiding behind an email address.

I reached out to him – we had several telephone conversations talking over various different components of what It actually takes to become a successful trader. I liked what I heard so I decided to take the plunge and sign up for his 15-hour training course.

Having sat through several different courses in previous years I could see right off the bat how unique and different this was going to be. Really refreshing to find someone who actually understood real price action.

Over the next several weeks my eyes were well and truly opened as to why price moves as it does.

I now see the markets on a completely different level. I look at a chart and understand why the price is moving as it is. There is absolutely nothing random about the markets, there is a reason for everything.

It took me a few years to get to the correct training, I’m glad I did not give up, as I now have all the tools I need from Rob’s training course to make consistent pips in markets each and every day. G. Mahon


I would like to pass on my appreciation for the teaching in your course. It has given me the greatest insight that I have ever had into the workings of the Forex market. It is also the first time that I have actually become profitable in the market. The course is well presented (Live) and your support during and after the training is second to none.



I have been making one step forward two steps back in my Forex trading…. stop hunting drove me insane…
I realized I needed a proper education as my willpower and heart were simply not enough to make me a profitable FX trader.

So I took Robs 5 days course.

Rob is an academic, he is someone who can really teach his knowledge of the markets and the mentality of retail traders. This guy can teach you how to avoid retail trader mistakes, and most importantly trade like the professionals.

Things I liked about the course.

1/ Rob gave me a revolution in perceiving the FX market.
2/ The course enables me to avoid the mistakes that 95% of traders make.
3/ You trade like the successful 5% of Forex traders
4/ The strategy is simple yet effective.

Rob is very passionate about what he does. What he has taught me has taken my trading to a whole new level. Rob really knows his stuff. I can totally recommend Rob’s one to one course. If you want to make money from trading Forex then Rob will show you how.

I have been struggling for a few years now to make money consistently, but now I am. Thanks to Rob.

Thanks a lot Rob. When I read on your blog “who else can teach you how to get in on top of a pin bar or engulfing candle before it forms”I thought hmm, this is going to be special. After taking the learn to trade in 5 days course, I now know how to do it myself. Sheraz.

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