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Latest Trades. 3 Trades 87 Pips.

We took 2 trades yesterday. Euro short at 12964 exit at 12943 for 21 pips. We also took AUD short at 10454 exit at 10410 for 44 pips.

Markets were a bit quiet again today and we only managed to get one trade on AUD long at 10330 exit at 10352 for 22 pips.

Forex markets have been moving sideways for most of the day. This sideways movement is what some people call consolidation, or congestion. They often say its the bulls and bears fighting it out. What is really happening is the big players are liquidating and or accumulating positions.

The big money moves the market and they are taking their positions ready for a major move. The longer the market moves sideways like this the bigger the move will be.

My advice would be to stand on the sidelines when the market is like this, wait to see which way the move is going before you get back into a trade.

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