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Learn To Scalp In 5 Days

Learn To Scalp In 5 DaysDo you dream of the day when you can open a chart and scalp pips from the market at will? No more studying charts for hours on end trying to work out which way the market is going, only to get stopped out of another losing trade.

Well now is your opportunity to leave all that behind, and learn how to scalp in just 5 days.

After the success of the learn to trade in 5 days course, which teaches my number one trading strategy, i have decided to offer a learn to scalp in 5 days course, which teaches my number one scalping strategy.

What is scalping?

Scalping is a trading strategy that aims to take just a few pips from the market on every trade.

Scalpers are generally very active in the market taking anything from 10 to 100 trades per day hoping to end the day with an overall profit.

What the majority of scalpers tend to do is jump into the market in the hope that the trade will go their way very quickly, so they can grab a few pips before they jump out again. What tends to happen is they have a few profitable trades, but then they have a big losing trade that will wipe out all of the profits from the previous successful trades.

Why does this happen? Well its very hard to trade with a stop loss when you are scalping because of the small amount of pips you are taking from each trade. Scalpers cant trade with a traditional risk reward ratio because stops of 2 and 3 pips would get stopped out on the spread very quickly. So they generally trade without a stop. I am sure you have heard the phrase cut your losses short and let you profits run. Scalpers tend to do the opposite of this, and get stopped out for very large losses, while taking very small gains.

So how is my strategy different from what the majority of scalpers do.

My scalping strategy is based on very high probability trading rather than blindly entering and exiting the market. There are certain rules of the market that can be exploited with a good scalping strategy if you know what those rules are. Most traders follow the same rules for scalping as everyone else does, this is why they lose money.

My scalping strategy has a clearly defined entry, exit, and stop loss. The strategy exploits rules based market moves rather than luck. My scalping strategy also is not restricted to taking just a few pips from the market. Most scalping strategies tend to focus on the 1 min or the 5 min chart. My strategy works on all time frames, from the 1 min to the monthly. So depending on what time frame you trade you can take a few, or 100’s of pips from each trade.

Please note: This offer, like my learn to trade in 5 days course, is limited to 100 traders only.

What will the learn to scalp in 5 days course teach you?

The course will teach you my number 1 scalping strategy. The strategy is proven and works very well by exploiting rules based moves in the market. I have custom built indicators that you will be given that will identify the scalping opportunities for you. The indicators will show when a trade is available, where to enter the trade, where to put your stop loss, and where to take your profit. Its a very easy strategy to follow, and its very rules based.

How long does the course last?

The course is 5 hours long. You can take those 5 hours over a minimum of 5 days, or a maximum of 5 weeks. You can have one hour every day, or one hour every week or anything in between. You cannot take the course in less than 5 days.

As with all of my training courses this strategy will be taught to you live via Skype in a live market. I teach traders from all over the world, so you do not have to be in the UK to take advantage of this offer.

How much does the course cost?

The course costs the same as my learn to trade in 5 days course, which is £1995.00.
You will also get a full year of one to one mentoring/support if needed. If after taking the course you ever have any questions about the strategy just Skype me and i will be on hand to help you.

As with my other 5 day course this offer is on a first come first served basis, and is limited to 100 traders only. So if you want to learn the secret of scalping the Forex market, in just 5 days, please contact me now.

You can see some recent reviews of my Forex training courses here.

Call me on 07939 42 7000, or email me on

Or you can Skype me if you prefer.

Please note: This strategy, and all of my strategies are based on my unique understanding of the market. Any traders that take this course, or any of my other training courses will have to sign a non disclosure agreement to protect my intellectual property rights.

There are many other training providers that claim to be able to teach you how to make money from the Forex markets. Please do not get me confused with them. They are crooks that will take your money and leave you high and dry. No one else can offer you what i am offering you. If you want to be successful then i will teach you how.