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Learn To Trade In 5 Days

Learn To Trade In 5 DaysIs it possible for someone that has never traded before, to learn how to trade and be profitable in just 5 days? Yes it is.

As an alternative to my full training course i have put together a mini course that will teach you my number 1 trading strategy that i use every day to make money in the Forex market.
In just 5 days you can be trading like a professional trader.

Why have i decided to do this?

My full training and mentoring program will teach you a complete understanding of the Forex market and how to profit from it. It teaches a number of different trading strategies that will enable you to trade with confidence in all market conditions. It is, in my opinion, the number 1 Forex training course available in the industry today, and although its expensive compared to some courses, it offers incredible value, as there is no one that i know of, that can teach you what i can teach you about how the Forex market really works.

But do you need a complete understanding of the Forex market in order to be profitable? No you don’t, you just need a great mechanical strategy that will work on all pairs, and in all market conditions. So after much deliberation, i have decided to share my number 1 trading strategy by way of a mini training course that lasts just 5 hours.

Please note: This offer, like my signals service, is limited to 100 traders only.

How can one strategy be profitable in any market conditions?

Let me share a secret with you. The Forex market is not random. It looks random to confuse you, but its very structured, and once you understand the structure of it you can make money. The same things happen in the market every day, you just have to be able to see the opportunities when they come along. The market has been this way long before i started trading, and it will be this way long after i have gone.

What will the mini course teach you?

My number 1 strategy identifies key reversal levels in the market that professional traders are buying and selling at. When you can identify these levels you can make money in any market conditions. The professional traders that move the market very rarely lose money, so by following the big guys you too can make money.

There are a number of other training providers that claim to be able to teach you a strategy based on following the big money, but they really do not understand the market as i do, and they are just guessing really.

I can show you live on the chart exactly where these major players are entering and exiting the market and explain why. And i don’t mean showing you levels of support and resistance, and saying big players are buying and selling here. I am talking about actually showing you their buy and sell orders live on the chart in real time, so you can follow them.

Please note: This strategy is not price action trading. Anyone can learn price action. There are 1000’s of videos on the internet that will teach you price action trading, but you will not make consistent profits trading that way. My strategy will teach you how to identify high probability, key reversal levels. I will teach you how to read and understand a chart correctly, to enable you to enter and exit the market with precision, to bank the maximum available profit on every trade.

How long does the mini course last?

The mini course is 5 hours long. You can take those 5 hours over a minimum of 5 days, or a maximum of 5 weeks. You can have one hour every day, or one hour every week or anything in between. You cannot take the course in less than 5 days, as you have to be able to fully understand the strategy i am teaching you, and i don’t think it can be fully understood in less than 5 days.

As with all of my training courses this strategy will be taught to you live via Skype in a live market. I teach traders from all over the world, so you do not have to be in the UK to take advantage of this offer.

How much does the mini course cost?

This exclusive offer for new or experienced traders costs just £1995.00. This is incredible value, as I am offering to share my years of experience and my number one trading strategy to you for less than the cost of one weeks losses for many traders.

Just imagine making the transition from being a losing trader to being a winning trader in just 5 days. This time next week you could be making money instead of losing it.

And if you are still on the fence about how good this offer is, i am going to throw in a full year of one to one mentoring/support if needed. If after taking the course you ever have any questions about the strategy just Skype me and i will be on hand to help you.

Are you ready for the truth about how the market works?
Are you ready to make the transition from the 95% to the 5%.
Are you ready to turn your losing trades into winning trades?
Are you ready to change your life?

This offer is on a first come first served basis, and is limited to 100 traders only. So if you want to learn the secret to making money in 5 days, please contact me now.

You can see some recent reviews of my Forex training courses here.

Call me on 07939 42 7000, or email me on

Or you can Skype me if you prefer.

This offer will change the way you look at the market forever.

Please note: This offer is not a replacement of the full 15 or 30 hour training and mentoring program, but a more affordable alternative to the full program, that focuses on my number one strategy, as an alternative to teaching you all of my strategies. The full program is still available to those that wish to learn all of my strategies.

This strategy, and all of my strategies are based on my unique understanding of the market. Any traders that take this course, or any of my other training courses will have to sign a non disclosure agreement to protect my intellectual property rights.

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