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Learning How To trade Forex Using Price Action.

Learning How To trade Forex Using Price ActionI cannot stress enough the importance of learning how to trade Forex using price action. The majority of Forex traders are using indicators to give them trading signals which i believe is the wrong way to trade Forex. Its not only me that thinks this way, the statistics speak for themselves, and 95% of Forex traders do lose money over the longer term.

I get a lot of comments from people who cannot get their head around the fact that i have so many winning trades. Its not hard to get the same results as i am getting if you trade as i do. My trading style relies on the fact that i wait until the odds are in my favor before i trade. I class myself as a high probability trader. I take 2 to 3 high probability trades per day, and more often than not i am successful. I could easily take 20 or 30 trades a day, but i would not be getting the results that i am currently getting.

To be successful in Forex trading you have to have a complete understanding of the charts. You have to be able to look at a chart and know exactly what is happening and why. Only when you have this understanding can you be consistently profitable. Please don’t kid yourself into thinking that you know what is happening on the chart when you don’t. This is a fundamental mistake that a lot of Forex traders make. They cannot admit to themselves that they do not fully understand the chart. If you are failing to make money, week in week out, its not a bad run, or bad luck, or any other excuse you can find, its because you are not completely understanding Forex trading, and you are entering your trades at the wrong time. When you can to admit to yourself that you have a problem with your trading, you can then start to do something about it. Some traders will go on for years and years losing money, but not admitting to themselves that they do not know how to trade consistently.

Learning how to trade Forex using price action is all about the chart. I am not talking about stochastics or macd or trend trading or moving average crossovers, or momentum etc etc. I am talking about price action, and spotting the moves in the market before they happen. If you understand the price action as i do, you can take advantage of these moves by getting into your trades before they happen. This is what high probability trading is all about. Entering the market at the correct time before the move. This is the only way to make money from trading Forex. Forex trading is pretty much black and white, as far as i am concerned, you either know what is happening or you don’t. There are very few grey areas in how i trade.

So if you are reading this and thinking yes you are right, i am struggling with my trading and i need help, then you are on the road to becoming a successful Forex trader. If you cannot admit that you need help, then you will continue to lose your money.

If you are ready to admit that you need help with your trading, and you wish to take the next step to becoming a profitable trader, then please feel free to contact me. I offer Forex training to traders from all over the world. You can contact me on UK 07939 427000. Or drop me an email and i will call you back if you are in the UK. Have a great trading day. 🙂

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