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Market Moving Sideways.

The market has been moving sideways for a few days.

We did not get any trades on Monday, but we managed to get 2 yesterday. It was a real struggle to be honest.

First trade was Euro short at 12688 down to 12668 for 20 pips.
Second trade was Euro long at 12673 up to 12708 for 35 pips.

Seeing a bit of dollar weakness early on today. I think this will continue for most of the day and probably tomorrow. We have just closed an EJ long trade for 61 pips. I will give you an update on today a bit later. I think we are going to have a good day today. 🙂

2 Responses to Market Moving Sideways.

  1. Lin says:

    Hi there,

    What is your percentage of profitable trades, average profit, and average loss? Do you ever disclose real $ account statements by any chance?


  2. Rob Taylor says:

    Hi Lin. I am currently on around 97% winning trades. I put all my trades on the blog, but i am not prepared to disclose how much money i make from trading. That is private i am afraid, but i do OK. 🙂

    I only disclose how many pips i make each trade, or each week, if you are trading 50c per pip you will make a lot less than if you were trading 100 bucks per pip. 🙂

    Profit is all relative to the individual. Pips are what matter in my opinion.

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