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New Student Trading Statement. Profitable After Just A Few Lessons.

Professional Forex TraderOne of my new recruits has been so kind as to share his trading statement with us.

Tristan had never traded prior to coming on board with me, and he is trading profitably after just a few weeks of training. He has encouraged me to put his statement on the website to show other struggling traders that it is possible to trade successfully after just a few lessons with me.

Yes, he has had some losses, but he is still learning his craft, and yes there are some open trades that are currently in drawdown, but again he is still learning.

I want to thank Tristan for sharing this statement. It’s not perfect but its real. And it shows you that you do not have to have a large trading account to make profits from the Forex market if you are given the correct education.

Tristan is growing his account steadily and safely. To see the statement please click on the link. Tristan Statement

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