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Recording Of A High Probability Euro Dollar Long Trade 17th April.

Recording Of A High Probability Euro Dollar Long Trade 17th AprilI have made another recording of a high probability Euro Dollar long trade that i took today. The recording is quite long as i wanted to get as much live price action into the recording as possible, so please watch it to the end, as the end is the best bit. 🙂

Its a counter trend trade off a key reversal level. Its quite a brave trade to take as i was trading against the news that the ECB may cut interest rates in the near future which saw a big sell off in Euro Dollar.

I was confident of my level though, so i had no problem taking the trade. You will see from the recording that i picked the entry and the exit of the trade very well. My entry was within a few pips of the low of the move and my exit was within 2 pips of the high of the move.

The recording is below, i hope you enjoy it.

If you want to learn how to trade Forex using high probability trading strategies, please consider my Forex training course.

I will not be trading or teaching for the next 2 weeks from Friday as my wife and i need some sun, so we are taking 2 weeks holiday, cruising in the Mediterranean. Its such a hard life being a professional Forex trader. I will be answering emails and calls while i am away, as the ship has a great internet connection, but i need a break so i am not trading. I will catch up with you all when i get back, sun kissed and refreshed, and a few pounds heavier no doubt. 🙂

Anyway enjoy the recording.

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