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Tag Archives: cable

Lovely Price Action Trading Today. 3 Trades 119 Pips Profit.

We had some nice price action trading set ups today.

First trade of the day was EJ long at 11933 up to 11963 for 30 pips.
Next trade was Euro short at 13389 down to 11343 for 46 pips.
Last trade EJ long at 11889 up to 11932 for 43 pips.

Markets have gone a bit quiet now, so i will be calling it a day. I have a nice target on Cable for tomorrow that will hopefully get filled. I will keep you posted.

Have a great trading day.

2 Nice High Probability Trades Today. 79 Pips Profit.

We could have had a handful of trades today but for one reason or another we did not get the correct set up. Today was a good trading day, i am a little miffed that we did not get more pips in the bank, but i only take high probability trades and if my targets do not get hit then i cannot take the trade im afraid.

Its frustrating sometimes when this happens but you have to try and forget about it and move on to the next opportunity.

I will give you an example of what i mean. I had been waiting for a long trade to set up since last Thursday on EJ. We nearly got what we were looking for yesterday afternoon but the price bounced off a support level around 15 pips from my entry and scuppered the trade. I called it a day at around 10.30 yesterday evening to watch some TV, as the markets were a little quiet moving into the Asian session. I checked the charts again at around 11.15 and saw that EJ had pushed down 45 pips to within 3 pips of my entry in the space of half an hour, and proceeded to shoot back up 100 pips over the next 3 hours. So i was not a happy bunny going into today. 🙁

Anyway, I did make up for it with 2 nice trades today for 79 pips profit.

First trade of the day was Cable long at 15996 up to 16030 for 34 pips.
Second trade was EJ short at 11500 down to 11455 for 45 pips.

As i said we could have had a few more nice trades today but my levels did not get hit so i could not take the trades. Oh well tomorrow is another day, with more opportunities for pips. 🙂

Some Nice Moves Yesterday And Today

Quick update on trading.

There were some nice moves yesterday and particularly today. Dollar was strong this afternoon which saw a nice sell of in Cable and Euro.

Yesterday we took 2 trades. Euro short at 13126 down to 13097 for 29 pips. We also took EJ short at 10754 down to 10744 for 10 pips.

Today we took Euro long at 10347 up to 10378 for 31 pips. We also took EJ short at 10786 down to 10753 for 33 pips. We also took Cable short at 16115 down to 16085 for 30 pips. We also took a few scalping trades for around 20 pips in total. We had a good days trading today.

Should be a pretty volatile day tomorrow which should produce some nice opportunities.

Some Nice Moves Yesterday And Today Producing Some Nice Trades

Here is a trading update from yesterday and today.

After a pretty quiet start to the week we had some nice moves yesterday and today, which produced some nice price action and some good trades.

Yesterday we took 3 trades.

First trade was Cable short at 16014 down to 15975 for 39 pips.
We then took AUD JPY long at 85.41 up to 85.61 for 20 pips. We don’t normally trade this pair but i was just flicking through the charts and i saw the set up so i took it. Pips are pips at the end of the day no matter how you get them they all add up. 🙂

Third trade of the day was Cable long at 15965 up to 15996 for 31 pips.
We could have taken a similar trade on the Euro but the set up was not as good so we decided on Cable.

Today we took 3 trades.

Euro short at 12992 down to 12945 for 47 pips.
We also took Cable short at 16048 down to 16016 for 32 pips.
We also took AUD long at 10429 up to 10439 for 10 pips.

I will give you a little trade for later today, or early tomorrow if it hits. AUD long at 10388. I have set a limit order at that level to buy AUD. As i am more than likely going to be asleep when this hits, and i will not be able to manage it, i am setting a 20 pips take profit on the trade. This should be a nice start to the day.