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Tag Archives: euro

Student Makes 87 Pips From 2 Trades After Just 5 Weeks Of Training.

Rob TaylorThe training is going very well at the moment, one of my students made 87 pips yesterday from 2 trades after just 5 weeks of training.

I am very pleased with the progress my recent new students are making. They are all taking trades on their own and making money, which makes me very happy indeed.

Since i have introduced the earn while you learn training room, my students are learning from me every day in a live market, and their training is taken to a whole new level. I give market commentary throughout the day, and explain the trade set ups in great detail, which is having a big positive impact on the learning curve of the people that are in the training room.

When i set up the earn while you learn training room, i was not really prepared for the effect that it would have on my trainees understanding of the Forex market, but i can honestly say that it has exceeded even my expectations. So the room is here to stay.

Any new students that take advantage of the earn while you learn option, will now have the added benefit of the live training room to accelerate their learning and understanding of Forex trading.

As well as my training activities this week i have also had some nice trades.

Here is the trading update from this week.

Monday i took 2 trades for a total of 45 pips. I took Cable short for 30 pips. I also took AUD short for 15 pips.

Tuesday was bit of a scalping day as there was not a great deal happening. I took 4 trades for a total of 49 pips. I took Euro long for 10 pips. AUD short for 12 pips, Cable long for 15 pips, and a cable long again for 12 pips.

Wednesday i took 4 trades for a total of 84 pips. I took AJ long for 27 pips, AUD long for 20 pips, UJ long for 10 pips, and UJ long again for 27 pips.

Thursday was a bit of a crazy day i took 6 trades on Euro for a total of 114 pips. I also had one loser on Cable for -34 pips.

Friday i was busy for most of the day and i did not take any trades.

Total trades for the week 17. Total pips 258. Not bad for 4 days. 🙂

If you want to learn how to trade Forex like a pro and bank pips every week, please consider my Forex trading course, it will totally transform your trading and change your life.

I am currently taking deposits for new one to one students starting at the end of July. If you wish to reserve your spot please let me know asap.

Have a great weekend all. 🙂

Recording of a Price Action Short Trade on Euro Dollar Tuesday 16th April.

Price Action Short Trade on Euro DollarHere is a new recording of a high probability trade that i took this afternoon on Euro Dollar.

Please excuse my presentation skills as this is only the second time i have made a recording of a trade, so i am pretty bad at it at the moment. 🙂

I don’t like recording my Forex trading, but a few people have asked me to do this so i am giving it a go.

This trade is a short trade on Euro Dollar that netted me 24 pips.

I hope you enjoy the recording.

If you want to learn more about what i do please drop me an email or give me a ring.

Have a great trading day. 🙂

Weekend Forex Trading Update. Cyprus Deal Done, Lets Make Some Money.

Weekend Forex Trading Update. Cyprus Deal Done, Lets Make Some Money.Well the Cyprus deal has been done, and the savers have been taxed, so hopefully next week we can make some money.

As i expected would be the case the account holders with deposits exceeding 100,000 euros have been taxed. Why upset the many when you can upset the few. It makes more sense to do it the way it has been done.

So now its out of the way, all as we need to worry about now is the rest of Europe. The Italian elections seem to be weighing on the Euro at the moment, so once that is sorted out we could have a bit of a rally in Euro, before the next sustained move down.

This week has been one of the worst weeks for trading i have seen of late. Monday was OK, Tuesday was pretty much a write off, and Friday was the same. No trading opportunities either Tuesday or Friday. A trade on EJ that i opened on Monday hit target in the Asian session, so that was officially a trade for Tuesday, but apart from that i had nothing.

Here are the trades i took this week.

Monday i took 3 trades for a total of 97 pips. I took EJ long at 12307 up to 12327 for 20 pips. I took it long again at 12033 up to 12090 for 57 pips. I also took Euro Dollar long at 12859 up to 12879 for 20 pips.

Tuesday i closed a trade automatically in the Asian session for 33 pips. It was an EJ trade that i opened long at 12111 up to 12144. Apart from that trade i had nothing.

Wednesday i took 4 trades for a total for 160 pips. I took EJ long again at 12055 up to 12575 for 20 pips. I also took Euro short at 12845 down to 12785 for 60 pips. I also took Euro long at 12756 up to 12776 for 20 pips. I also took EJ long at 12010 up to 12070 for 60 pips.

Thursday i managed 3 trades for 103 pips. I took EJ long at 11985 up to 12038 for 53 pips. I also took Euro long at 12757 up to 12777 for 20 pips. I also took Euro short at 12844 down to 12814 for 30 pips.

Friday i did not get a trade, this was mainly down to the fact that it was good Friday, and most traders were on holiday so the price action was non existent.

Total trades for the week 12. Total pips 393.

Weekend Update. Non Farm Payroll Numbers See Dollar Strengthen.

non farm payroll numbersBetter than expected non farm payroll numbers out of the US saw Dollar strengthen today, which saw Cable hit fresh lows and Euro Dollar drop 150 pips in 45 minutes.

This week has been a tough week to be honest, the price action has been pretty poor and big moves on the back of news has made it difficult to trade this week.

Monday was a pretty poor day, the pairs were moving in a pretty tight range, so pips were hard to come by. We did take one trade though. The trade was a long trade on Cable at 15040 up to 15070 for 30 pips.

Tuesday was a much better day. We took 4 trades for a total of 113 pips. All the trades were on Cable. We took it long at 15116 up to 15139 for 23 pips. We took it short at 15194 down to 15154 for 40 pips. We took it short again at 15128 down to 15098 for 30 pips. And then long again 15095 up to 15115 for 20 pips.

Wednesday we took 2 trades. Cable short at 15097 down to 15067 for 30 pips. We also took Euro long at 12966 up to 12980 for 14 pips.

Thursday we took 1 trade. Cable long at 15000 up to 15066 for 66 pips.

Today we took 3 trades for a total of 121 pips. Euro long at 13196 up to 13224 for 28 pips. This was before the non farm payroll numbers. We also took it long again after the NFP at 12966 up to 13004 for 38 pips. The price came back down again to test the low, so we took it long again at 12959 up to 13014 for 55 pips.

Total trades for the week 11. Total pips 374.

Not a great week compared to recent weeks, but 100 pips per week is my target, so we have far exceeded that target again. 🙂