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Tag Archives: learning

Student Makes 87 Pips From 2 Trades After Just 5 Weeks Of Training.

Rob TaylorThe training is going very well at the moment, one of my students made 87 pips yesterday from 2 trades after just 5 weeks of training.

I am very pleased with the progress my recent new students are making. They are all taking trades on their own and making money, which makes me very happy indeed.

Since i have introduced the earn while you learn training room, my students are learning from me every day in a live market, and their training is taken to a whole new level. I give market commentary throughout the day, and explain the trade set ups in great detail, which is having a big positive impact on the learning curve of the people that are in the training room.

When i set up the earn while you learn training room, i was not really prepared for the effect that it would have on my trainees understanding of the Forex market, but i can honestly say that it has exceeded even my expectations. So the room is here to stay.

Any new students that take advantage of the earn while you learn option, will now have the added benefit of the live training room to accelerate their learning and understanding of Forex trading.

As well as my training activities this week i have also had some nice trades.

Here is the trading update from this week.

Monday i took 2 trades for a total of 45 pips. I took Cable short for 30 pips. I also took AUD short for 15 pips.

Tuesday was bit of a scalping day as there was not a great deal happening. I took 4 trades for a total of 49 pips. I took Euro long for 10 pips. AUD short for 12 pips, Cable long for 15 pips, and a cable long again for 12 pips.

Wednesday i took 4 trades for a total of 84 pips. I took AJ long for 27 pips, AUD long for 20 pips, UJ long for 10 pips, and UJ long again for 27 pips.

Thursday was a bit of a crazy day i took 6 trades on Euro for a total of 114 pips. I also had one loser on Cable for -34 pips.

Friday i was busy for most of the day and i did not take any trades.

Total trades for the week 17. Total pips 258. Not bad for 4 days. 🙂

If you want to learn how to trade Forex like a pro and bank pips every week, please consider my Forex trading course, it will totally transform your trading and change your life.

I am currently taking deposits for new one to one students starting at the end of July. If you wish to reserve your spot please let me know asap.

Have a great weekend all. 🙂

Forex Mentoring Verses Teaching Yourself Forex Trading

There are 2 ways you can learn to trade Forex. You can teach yourself, or you can pay someone to teach you. So what are the pros and cons of each option?

The cost. The cost of teaching yourself how to trade is substantially less than the cost of paying a professional Forex trader to teach you how to trade. When you pay a professional trader like me to teach you how to trade Forex, you are paying for my time, and my experience.

Time is a very valuable concept that a lot of people do not fully appreciate. If you are lucky you will get around 80 to 90 years of time on this earth, which is broken down into months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds. The longer you have been around, the more valuable your time becomes, as you have less of it. Its like a simple supply and demand scenario that you could apply to Forex trading. The more supply the lower the price goes, less supply and the price goes up.

Time. We have just talked about time and the value I place upon it. Now time is just as important to you, as it is to me. If you are a young person then you have a lot of time to play with, so the value of your time, is a lot less than the value of the time of an older person.

If you are young you may not have the money to invest in paying a mentor to teach you how to trade, so you can invest more time, to teach yourself how to trade. It may take you 5 years to learn how to trade correctly. This 5 years of time has a lot less value placed upon it, than 5 years of time of someone in their 60’s. I have just gone 47 by the way. 🙂 So as a young person, you may not have the money to invest in learning, but you have the time. An older person may have more cash at their disposal, but less time. So it would be a more attractive proposal for an older person to pay someone to teach them how to trade.

Experience. When you pay a professional to teach you how to trade you are paying for his experience. I have been trading for over 12 years, over 8 years in Forex, so you are paying for my experience, and of course my time.

When you are teaching yourself to trade, you do not have any experience on day one, but you will have a bit more experience on day 2 and so on. In 8 years time you may have as much experience as i have now. Will that make you a better trader than me? That depends on what you have learned in 8 years. Excuse my French but there is so much crap information out there, and most of it is designed to lose you money. How do you know that you will not spend the next 8 years learning something that does not work?

Summary. By paying a professional Forex trader to teach you how to trade you are buying experience, but more importantly you are buying time. You are buying my time, and you are buying your own time. You know the cost of my time, but how do you value your own time? That is the question. Do you want to spend the next 5 years teaching yourself how to trade, with no guarantee that you will be a profitable trader at the end of it, or do you want to pay a professional trader like me to teach you how to trade now, which will save you valuable time, and give you a guarantee that you will be a profitable at the end of your learning.

For more information on my Forex training and mentoring program please click here.