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Tag Archives: long

This Weeks Trades

Sorry i have not updated for a few days, been really busy.

Yesterdays trades were Euro long at 12258, closed at 12280 for 22 pips. AUD long at 10478 out at 10497 for 19 pips. Short Euro at 12348, and again at 12372, closed both at 12340 for 40 pips combined.

I also took a AUD trade short but got stopped out at +1.

Today’s trades were, Euro short at 12382, closed at 12321 for 61 pips. Long AUD at 10425 closed at 10441 for 16 pips.

Total pips for the week are 256. Have a good weekend all. 🙂

Todays trades. Euro short, and long, AUD short. 97 pips combined.

I saw 3 good set ups today. The first one was a Euro short. I entered at 12384, and closed at 12354 for 30 pips. The second trade was a Euro long trade entered at 12328 and closed at 12350 for 22 pips.

I also opened a short on AUD at 10535 and closed at 10490 the profit on that trade was 45 pips.

3 trades 3 winners.

Great trading today. Hoping for a similar day tomorrow. 🙂

Friday trading. One trade 31 pips.

I don’t really like trading on Fridays as it can be a bit unpredictable. The markets were very quiet until the US session when things started to wake up. I saw a long trade set up on EJ and took that for 31 pips.

I also took a short trade on Cable late in the day, but got stopped out at break even.

Did not trade on Monday and Tuesday so 121 pips profit for 3 days, and im happy with that. Hoping for a bit more action next week. This week has not been the best week for trading to be honest, but at least we made some money.

Looking forward to a relaxing weekend, and a lie in tomorrow. Have a good weekend all and we will see what next week brings. 🙂

AUD long for 18 pips. EJ short for 31 pips.

Another funny day. AUD was moving sideways for most of the day but i managed to get a long set up and took 18 pips. I entered at 10562, and closed at 10580.

EJ was a bit better as the Euro was quite weak today, and i managed to get a short set up for 31 pips. I entered at 9683 and closed at 9652.

I missed a set up on Cable, and i don’t chase trades so i passed on that one. The trade would have got me 23 pips if id taken it. No set ups on Euro today.

The markets are very hard to trade at the moment, so i am not looking for massive targets pips wise. I would rather take a quick 20 pips profit, rather than run the risk of some unexpected news coming out and spoiling the trade. When the markets settle down a bit i will let my trades run a bit longer. Best to be safe at the moment though, and bank those pips. 🙂