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Tag Archives: news

3 Trades Today 124 Pips Profit.

Pretty crazy day today. The Euro news sent the price down and then up. I was very fortunate to be holding short trades at the time of the news, and 2 of my shorts hit target on the spike down. My short on Euro that i put on last night at 12866 hit my target of 12824 for 42 pips. I also entered Euro short again this morning before the news at 12879 which also hit 12824 for 55 pips. On the spike back up i entered Euro again at 12907, this trade went against me initially but came back and hit my target of 12880 netting me 27 pips.

The short trades on Cable and AUD that i put on yesterday were stopped out for 30 pips and 15 pips.

Total profit for the day was 79 pips. 🙂

More market moving news out tomorrow, when Ben Bernanke decides if the US is going to do QE. I think QE is already in the price so if he does not decide on QE watch out for the fireworks.

Two Trades Today 39 Pips.

Another pretty quiet day today, looks like everyone is waiting for the Fed on Friday. Managed to get a few small trades though. AUD long at 10357 out at 10380 for 23 pips. Euro short at 12543 closed at 12527 for 16 pips. Its very hard this week, as the market is so quiet. Hopefully we will be back to normal once Friday is out of the way.

Thursday is usually a decent trading day, so i am hoping for a nice trade tomorrow. We are just ticking over at the moment and banking pips as and when we can. You cant afford to be greedy at the moment with such thin liquidity, and any bit of news is moving the market. We don’t want to get caught on the wrong side of some news.

If you are trading tomorrow, have a great day. 🙂