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Tag Archives: pips

April Starts Dates. 2 Places Now Available

robI have 2 spots available for start dates in April. So please contact me asap if you wish to book yourself a place.

I have not updated the blog for a while as i have been too busy with my trading room and teaching, and the last thing i want to do at the weekend is to start writing blog posts to be honest. 🙂

I am going to make an effort to try and update the blog at least once a week, as i know i have a few people that follow me, so id like to try and give you something to read.

The markets were a bit tricky after Christmas, and pips were harder to come by. If you were in the markets you probably lost a small fortune, as it was very hard to make money by following the traditional trading rules that most traders are trading by. I did OK as i don’t trade that way, but it has still been a struggle. But thankfully we are now back to some form of normality, so the pips are a lot easier to make.

I have had some nice trades in the last few weeks. Yesterday was a great day. I shorted Yen pairs and made a killing. I took over 200 pips yesterday from GJ AJ and EJ.

I set myself a target of 100 pips per week every week, so i made 2 weeks money yesterday in a few hours which was nice. 🙂

The students that i took on in January are getting up to speed now. So they should be fully conversant with my methods in a few weeks time, and i will be ready to start new students.

I am starting a new guy this Monday, so i only have 2 spots available for April starts. After that we will be looking at July before i can start any new students. So if you want to come on board please be quick.

That’s all for now. If you are trading keep your stops tight, and let your profits run. Have a great day. 🙂

193 Pips On Thursday For One Of My Students.

193 Pips on Thursday For One Of My StudentsHi folks, apologies for not updating the site but i have been very busy during the week and i have been enjoying my weekends. I got into this business to have more free time, but since i have started teaching i am getting less of it. 🙂
I do enjoy teaching though, and it gives me great pleasure to see my students doing well. Its also summer, and i want to be out enjoying the weather while it lasts. I do like the nice weather and we get so little of it in the UK, so i am trying to make the most of it before the long winter comes along.

Trading over the last few weeks and been good, not as good as it should be as i have been focusing on helping my guys understand what i teach, and i don’t teach and trade at the same time, but i have still banked over 700 pips so far this month. Considering i have been out enjoying the sun and teaching for most of the month, i am quite happy with that. Its not all about the money, its about enjoying life too.

My students are doing very well though, my best student made 193 pips on Thursday, and regularly gets over 100 pips per day. I am over the moon with his progress so far, and he will have many 200 pips plus days i am sure of that.

My target, and the target of all my students is 100 pips per week, but if you get stuck in you can easily make 100 pips per day. A lot of people who read this blog do not believe how successful my stuff is, and how well it works, but if you decide to trust me and come on board, you will soon see how powerful my stuff is, and how easy trading can be when you understand how to read the charts. My guys are taking their trading to a whole new level based on what i teach them.

Its very rewarding for me to know that i am teaching a method that works consistently for every person that uses it. I know it works, as i have been trading like this for years, but when you are teaching someone else how to trade, you always worry that they will not understand it, or you may not be able to convey the information. But so far so good, all of my guys are learning my stuff, and are very happy with how i teach it.

So if you are reading this post and you are one of the 95% that are struggling to make consistent profits from your Forex trading, please get in touch with me. I can guarantee 100% that what i teach you will take your trading to a whole new level, and your investment in my Forex training course will be the best investment that you will ever make in your Forex education. 🙂

Student Makes 87 Pips From 2 Trades After Just 5 Weeks Of Training.

Rob TaylorThe training is going very well at the moment, one of my students made 87 pips yesterday from 2 trades after just 5 weeks of training.

I am very pleased with the progress my recent new students are making. They are all taking trades on their own and making money, which makes me very happy indeed.

Since i have introduced the earn while you learn training room, my students are learning from me every day in a live market, and their training is taken to a whole new level. I give market commentary throughout the day, and explain the trade set ups in great detail, which is having a big positive impact on the learning curve of the people that are in the training room.

When i set up the earn while you learn training room, i was not really prepared for the effect that it would have on my trainees understanding of the Forex market, but i can honestly say that it has exceeded even my expectations. So the room is here to stay.

Any new students that take advantage of the earn while you learn option, will now have the added benefit of the live training room to accelerate their learning and understanding of Forex trading.

As well as my training activities this week i have also had some nice trades.

Here is the trading update from this week.

Monday i took 2 trades for a total of 45 pips. I took Cable short for 30 pips. I also took AUD short for 15 pips.

Tuesday was bit of a scalping day as there was not a great deal happening. I took 4 trades for a total of 49 pips. I took Euro long for 10 pips. AUD short for 12 pips, Cable long for 15 pips, and a cable long again for 12 pips.

Wednesday i took 4 trades for a total of 84 pips. I took AJ long for 27 pips, AUD long for 20 pips, UJ long for 10 pips, and UJ long again for 27 pips.

Thursday was a bit of a crazy day i took 6 trades on Euro for a total of 114 pips. I also had one loser on Cable for -34 pips.

Friday i was busy for most of the day and i did not take any trades.

Total trades for the week 17. Total pips 258. Not bad for 4 days. 🙂

If you want to learn how to trade Forex like a pro and bank pips every week, please consider my Forex trading course, it will totally transform your trading and change your life.

I am currently taking deposits for new one to one students starting at the end of July. If you wish to reserve your spot please let me know asap.

Have a great weekend all. 🙂

Trading Update For This Week, Including 2 Live Recorded Trades.

Trading Update For This Week, Including 2 Live Recorded TradesThis is the last trading update for a couple of weeks as i am away on holiday.

Its a short week this week as i have only taken one trade today, and will not be trading tomorrow as i will be traveling. I still managed to get over 200 pips for the week though, so its not too bad considering.

Here is the update.

Monday i took 2 trades for 43 pips total. I took Euro Dollar short at 13085 down to 13065 for 20 pips, and Dollar Cad short 10219 down to 10196 for 23 pips.

Tuesday was a bit better day, i took 3 trades for 84 pips in total. Euro Yen short at 12901 down to 12881 for 20 pips. Euro Dollar short at 13144 down to 13120 for 24 pips. And Euro Yen short again at 12898 down to 12858 for 40 pips. I recorded the Euro Dollar short trade, the recording can be seen here.

Yesterday was OK, with 3 trades for 54 pips. I took Euro long at 13117 up to 13137 for 20 pips. I took cable long at 15224 up to 15236 for 12 pips. And i took Euro long at 13037 up to 13059 for 22 pips. This trade was also recorded, and the recording can be seen here.

Today i only managed one trade as i have been busy with packing and stuff for my holiday. The trade was Euro dollar long at 13046 up to 13072 for 26 pips.

Total trades for the week 9. Total pips 207.

I am now on holiday until the 1st of May. I will be answering emails and phone calls, but i will not be trading.

Have a great couple of weeks folks, and if you are trading the markets take care. I will catch up with you all when i get back. 🙂