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Tag Archives: profit

US Holiday Trading. 2 Trades Today 60 Pips Profit.

Today was a bank holiday in the US so there was very little activity in the US trading session today.

We managed to get 2 nice trades this morning though, for 60 pips profit.

The first trade was a Euro Dollar long entry at 12939, the exit was at 12973 for 33 pips.

The second trade of the day which was almost the same time as our Euro trade was EJ long at 10121, exit at 10148 for 27 pips.

We also had a long on Cable that got into 12 pips profit, but it did not move up when the Euro and EJ trade did so i closed it for a couple of pips profit as i thought it had further to go down, and it did, so its a good job i decided to close it when i did.

Cable looks like it has bottomed out now though so we should see a move up tomorrow, to take back some of the large move down. Longer term i am pretty bearish on Cable as it still has a long way to go down in my opinion.

We should see some decent trading tomorrow as the US will be back in the market, so hopefully we will get a couple of nice trades at least. Happy trading. 🙂 TFT7K9C4MJY5

Fridays Trades. Non Farm Payroll. 3 Trades 71 Pips Profit.

Yesterday was a typical non farm payroll day. All the pairs went sideways for around 15 hours, trading in a 20 to 25 pip trading range, until 1.30 UK time when the jobs numbers came out.

The numbers were a lot better than expected which saw the dollar weaken initially, and then strengthen significantly towards the end of the session.

As i said on Thursday i would be looking for short positions yesterday so when my pairs went up after the announcement i was very happy. The push up was a great opportunity to get some shorts on at a discounted price.

The short trade I put on on Thursday was rolled over until yesterday morning when i closed it for 6 pips profit. The reason i closed it is i did not want to be holding the trade when the news came out, as i expected the price to move significantly, and i did not want to get caught on the wrong side of the move. This turned out to be a good decision as Cable went up around 40 pips before it started to come down.

There was a great price action short set up on Cable which i took at 16210 which netted us 36 pips. I got out of the trade at 16174, which was a little early with hindsight as the next 3 hours saw another 50 pip move down. If it was a week day i would have probably held the trade for a little longer, but i did not want to carry the trade over the weekend so i banked a nice profit.

My other trade of the day was a Euro short at 13046. The trade went against me initially but came back to net me 29 pips profit.

I also had another 2 short entries on Euro and Cable that did not get filled unfortunately which would have netted some nice pips.

Total pips for the week 260.:-)

2 Trades Today 94 Pips.

Nice to see a bit of movement on a Monday for a change. Mondays of late have been very quiet. We took 2 trades today, both on Euro Dollar. The first trade was a short, and the second trade was a long. Our entry short was at 12967, and our exit was at 12911 for 66 pips profit. Our second trade was Euro long at 12902 up to 12930 for 28 pips.

We also had a possible AUD long trade but the price missed us by a few pips, and i don’t chase trades so we had to let that one go. It would have netted us around 40 pips if our buy order would have been filled.

I am very happy with 94 pips for a Monday though. Its nice to get a couple of decent trades on a Monday, and have a nice start to the week.

I am going to try and add some more content to the site this week if i get time. Some more articles for the new traders to help them along.

If you are trading tomorrow have a good day. 🙂

3 Trades Yesterday 51 Pips Profit.

We took 3 trades yesterday two were winners one was a loser.

The first trade was AUD short at 10488. We got stopped out of that trade for 22 pips loss. It was unfortunate that we got stopped out of that trade, as it only went 2 pips higher before going down 60 pips. Normally we would have been ok stop wise, as our initial stop was above the high, but i tightened up the stop as there was a lot of upward momentum, and i thought the high would be taken out. We had a lot of Dollar weakness at the time and i was expecting it to go higher. Its a shame, but its just one of those things, you have to take a loser once in a while.

On a positive note we did take Cable short at 16303 and exited at 16277 for 26 pips. We also took Cable short again at 16289 and closed at 16242 for 47 pips.

Total pips profit for the day 51.

Total pips profit for the week 271. 🙂