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Tag Archives: trades

Two Trades Today 39 Pips.

Another pretty quiet day today, looks like everyone is waiting for the Fed on Friday. Managed to get a few small trades though. AUD long at 10357 out at 10380 for 23 pips. Euro short at 12543 closed at 12527 for 16 pips. Its very hard this week, as the market is so quiet. Hopefully we will be back to normal once Friday is out of the way.

Thursday is usually a decent trading day, so i am hoping for a nice trade tomorrow. We are just ticking over at the moment and banking pips as and when we can. You cant afford to be greedy at the moment with such thin liquidity, and any bit of news is moving the market. We don’t want to get caught on the wrong side of some news.

If you are trading tomorrow, have a great day. 🙂

Bank Holiday Trading.

The UK bank holiday did not fail to disappoint, the markets were very quiet today. This trading week is generally the quietest week other than Christmas week. No trades for us today so far, but hopefully we will see some action tomorrow. If you are trading today best of luck. 🙂

Yesterdays Trade EJ Long 48 pips.

This was a breakout trade pure and simple.

I don’t usually take breakout trades but this one was too good to resist. EJ had been threatening to go to 9900 for a few days in my opinion, and with the YEN very overvalued at present i decided to take the trade.

I entered at 9850, and closed at 9898.

I also took a couple of shorts on Euro at 12772 and 12474, closed both at 12557 for 32 pips combined.

Have a great trading day. 🙂

This Weeks Trades

Sorry i have not updated for a few days, been really busy.

Yesterdays trades were Euro long at 12258, closed at 12280 for 22 pips. AUD long at 10478 out at 10497 for 19 pips. Short Euro at 12348, and again at 12372, closed both at 12340 for 40 pips combined.

I also took a AUD trade short but got stopped out at +1.

Today’s trades were, Euro short at 12382, closed at 12321 for 61 pips. Long AUD at 10425 closed at 10441 for 16 pips.

Total pips for the week are 256. Have a good weekend all. 🙂