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Tag Archives: trades

Market Moving Sideways.

The market has been moving sideways for a few days.

We did not get any trades on Monday, but we managed to get 2 yesterday. It was a real struggle to be honest.

First trade was Euro short at 12688 down to 12668 for 20 pips.
Second trade was Euro long at 12673 up to 12708 for 35 pips.

Seeing a bit of dollar weakness early on today. I think this will continue for most of the day and probably tomorrow. We have just closed an EJ long trade for 61 pips. I will give you an update on today a bit later. I think we are going to have a good day today. 🙂

I Told You We Would See Fireworks

Fireworks I promised and fireworks we got.

Yesterday was a lovely day for trading. Obama got re elected as i expected, and the dollar weakened as i expected, but then strengthened again. So we had some good trading opportunities.

First trade of the day was Cable short at 16034 down to 16010 for 24 pips.

Second trade of the day was Euro short at 12851 down to 12822 for 29 pips.

Third trade of the day was AUD short at 10463 down to 10421 for 42 pips.

Fourth trade of the day was EJ long at 10193 up to 10216 for 23 pips.

We could have had a lot more pips if we had held our short trades, but as i always say we enter and exit our trades with high probability, and take what the market gives us. Our trading style is all about logical entries and exits. If we get another opportunity to get back into a move we have exited we will take it.

Four trades 4 winners 118 pips. 🙂

If you want to learn how to trade please consider my Forex training and mentoring program here.

Trading Update For Yesterday And Today.

Just a quick update.

Yesterday we took 2 trades. Euro short at 13019 down to 12987 for 32 pips.
We also took AUD short at 13098 down to 10375 for 23 pips.

Today we took euro long at 12926 up to 12963 for 37 pips.

Not much movement over the last few days so trading has been quite hard.

I think we will see some decent moves tomorrow though. Hoping for some nice trades early on.

Trade Update For Yesterday And Today.

Yesterday we had one trade long on Euro Dollar for 31 pips profit.

Today we had 3 trades AUD, EJ and Euro short for 111 pips profit.

Trades are below.

DEAL 25/10/12 Spot FX EUR/USD DFB 13017.5 12981 +36.5 Pips
DEAL 25/10/12 Spot FX EUR/JPY DFB 10438.6 10404 +34.6 Pips
DEAL 25/10/12 Spot FX AUD/USD DFB 10395.1 10355 +40.1 Pips
DEAL 24/10/12 Spot FX EUR/USD DFB 12922.4 12954 +31.6 Pips

Sorry for the short update but i am really pushed for time. I will try and give some more information on this weeks trading tomorrow or Saturday.

Have a great trading day.