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The Crazy World Of Forex Trading

What a difference a day makes in the crazy world of Forex trading.

Yesterday I was struggling to get a trade, and today we have had a bucket full of them.

Where do i start? We missed a couple of nice trades shorting Euro yesterday. When i say missed, i mean we did not get filled.

The way i set my trades up is i have a price point that i want to go short or long at, i set my trade at exactly that price point. If it gets hit we are in the trade, if it does not then we miss it. I don’t chase after the train when it has left the station though, as normally there will be another train along very shortly, but yesterday the trains were on strike i think.

We managed to get one trade yesterday on Euro long for 8 pips. And that was it i am afraid.

Now to today. The first trade of the day was a Euro long trade at 13835, exit was at 12876 for 41 pips. We also took EJ long at 10047 and closed at 10090 for 43 pips. These trades executed early this morning in the Asian session. Occasionally i will leave pending orders in overnight if i think i am not going to be at the PC when they hit, this was one such occasion.

The third trade of the day was another Euro long at 12852 exit at 12876 for 24 pips. We also took AUD long at 10224, exit at 10254 for 30 pips which was the 4th trade of the day.

The 5th trade of the day was Euro short at 12907 which we closed about 15 mins ago at 12880 for 27 pips.

the 6th trade of the day was AUD short at 10259 which we closed at 10240 for 19 pips.

We also had a cable short at 16037 which did not get filled, the price went to 33, so missed that by 4 pips, the price has moved 30 pips to the downside as i type, so that would have been another nice trade.

So all in all we have had a great days trading today.

6 trades, 6 winners, 184 pips profit. Best day for a while that. I am very pleased with that, it makes up for the poor day we had yesterday, but if the trades are not there what can you do? You can only trade what you see.

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