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Trade Update For Yesterday And Today.

Yesterday we had one trade long on Euro Dollar for 31 pips profit.

Today we had 3 trades AUD, EJ and Euro short for 111 pips profit.

Trades are below.

DEAL 25/10/12 Spot FX EUR/USD DFB 13017.5 12981 +36.5 Pips
DEAL 25/10/12 Spot FX EUR/JPY DFB 10438.6 10404 +34.6 Pips
DEAL 25/10/12 Spot FX AUD/USD DFB 10395.1 10355 +40.1 Pips
DEAL 24/10/12 Spot FX EUR/USD DFB 12922.4 12954 +31.6 Pips

Sorry for the short update but i am really pushed for time. I will try and give some more information on this weeks trading tomorrow or Saturday.

Have a great trading day.

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