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Trading Statement From One Of My Students.

Trading Statement From One Of My StudentsOne of my students has been kind enough to allow me to share their trading account statement from last week. The student has completed my training course and has been live trading for around a month. You can see by the statement that they are trading very conservatively and building their account size gradually as i recommend.

This student had no prior Forex trading knowledge before coming on board with me, so they have had to learn everything from scratch. More experienced traders will obviously be taking higher value trades, but i wanted to show you what can be achieved if you have had no prior Forex trading experience.

The statement shows 23 trades taken with one small loss. The pips banked per trade are not huge, but when you are learning you have trade conservatively. 23 trades in a week is far more than i would take on an average week, but taking more high probability trades and banking less pips while you are learning is fine by me. Some traders like to wait for the bigger pip moves, and take less trades, and some like to take more trades but for less pips. It just depends on your trading style.

If you click on this link you can see the statement. There are 23 trades taken with one loss. That is a 99.6% win rate. 🙂

Trading Statement From One Of My Students

Please note: I did not solicit this trading statement. The student sent it to me of their own accord, to show me how well they were progressing. This statement does not guarantee that you will achieve the same 99.6% win rate after completing my training course, but i will teach you the same trading strategies that i have taught this student. The rest is up to you. As a guide i would expect the majority of students to initially achieve a win rate greater than 80% after completing my course, but after perfecting your skill, you should be well over 90% as i am.

If you wish to learn how to trade Forex using high probability trading strategies please consider my Forex training course.

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