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Trading The News Is Not High Probability Trading

We don’t trade the news as i am sure you know, but we did manage to get one trade in before the UK rates decision came out.

We took 2 trades in total today.

The first trade of the day was Cable long at 15932 up to 15954 for 22 pips. We are not in the business of gambling, we are in the business of high probability trading, so we closed our trade and banked the pips before the news came out. Had we have held we would have made at least another 30 pips, as Cable spiked very nicely after the news to keep rates on hold was announced.

Second trade was EJ long at 10165 up to 10190 for 25 pips.

2 high probability trades for a total of 47 pips.

Looking forward to tomorrow, as Fridays have been pretty good trading days over the last few weeks, so we are hoping for some nice price action set ups.

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