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Trading Update.

Hi guys the Forex markets have been a bit subdued the last couple of days. The Dollar has recovered a little bit from last week, seeing AUD and Euro weaken. Cable has been trading sideways for 2 days so no trades on that one for us. EJ has come off a bit, but its just been announced that the Bank Of Japan are considering additional easing of their currency so that should see a pop in Yen pairs. I did say this was a strong possibility a couple of weeks ago and warned against taking short positions on EJ.

Not much happening trades wise yesterday. We did take a small short on AUD for 12 pips profit but that was it for yesterday.

Today we took AUD long at 10415 and closed at 10450 for 35 pips, and that was about it. Markets are very hard work at the moment so I hope things change soon. We are still making good pips on a weekly basis, so i hope tomorrow brings us a good trading day.

If you are in the markets tomorrow, have a great day. 🙂

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