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Weekend Update. 15 Trades For 321 Pips. 2 Cable Short Trades Recorded Live.

2 Cable Short Trades Recorded LiveIts been a tough week, i have really had to pull out all the stops to get my pips this week. The price action has not been great so i am down a bit on what i normally bank.

Here are the trades i took this week.

Monday was a bit of a struggle but i did manage to get 2 trades for a total of 30 pips. I took AUD short at 10121 down to 10111 for 10 pips. I also took AUD long at 10383 up to 10403 for 20 pips.

Tuesday was again a quiet day with another 2 trades for 32 pips. I took Cable short at 15322 down to 15300 for 22 pips. I also took Euro short at 13096 down to 13086 for 10 pips.

Wednesday was a better day i took 5 trades for a total of 122 pips. I took Cable short at 15333 to 15310 for 23 pips. I took Cable short again at 15340 down to 15310 for 30 pips. A few people have asked me to try and record some of my trades, but its difficult to make recordings and trade at the same time as price action changes so quickly, and you have to be focused on your trading if you want to be profitable, but I did manage to make a recording of these 2 trades, so if you want to see the recording please click here.

Other trades for Wednesday were Euro Dollar short at 13120 down to 13096 for 24 pips. I also took Cable long at 15302 up to 15322 for 20 pips. And i took Euro Dollar long at 13065 up to 13090 for 25 pips.

Thursday was another struggle but i managed to get 3 trades for 65 pips. I took AUD short at 10580 down to 10570 for 10 pips. I took it again at 10577 down to 10552 for 25 pips. I also took Euro long at 13092 up to 13122 for 30 pips.

Friday was an OK day i took 3 trades for a total of 82 pips. I took one trade on Cable short at 15380 down to 15360 for 20 pips. I also took 2 trades on AUD. One short trade at 10534 down to 10502 for 32 pips. I also took it long at 10480 up to 10510 for 30 pips.

Total trades for the week 15. Total pips 321.

If you want to learn advanced price action trading please consider my Forex trading course. You will be blown away by what i can teach you.

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