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4 Trades Today. 3 Winners 1 Loser 162 Pips Profit.

First trade of the day was a Euro Dollar long trade for 78 pips. I know i said that i was only looking for shorts today, but this set up was very nice, and off a key level so i took it. Entry was at 12502 exit was at 12580.

I then took a short trade on Euro Dollar at 12585 which initially went into profit but turned against us and unfortunately we got stopped out for a 20 pip loss. We do get losing trades occasionally, we are not perfect. Yet. 🙂

The next trade i took was another Euro short at 12632 which we closed at 12565 for 67 pips profit.

We also took and AUD long at 10286 and closed at 10323 for 37 pips.

So 4 trades today 3 winners and 1 loser 162 pips profit. Great end to the week.

Total pips for the week is 317.

Have a great weekend all. I know i will. 🙂

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