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Equities Selling Off, Yen Weakness, Ozzy Dollar Down.

Equities have been selling off strongly this week and we have seen dollar strength. This has put a lot of pressure on Ozzy Dollar, which has fallen more than 150 pips in the last 2 days.

The Yen has also been very weak on the back of talk of further monetary easing, but Euro has been surprisingly resilient. We have made a bit of money on Euro Yen this week, and we have also had a good run on Euro dollar.

Here are the trades we took Yesterday.

First trade of the day was Euro Yen Long at 10113 up to 10174 for 61 pips.
Second trade was Cable long at 15855 up to 15875 for 20 pips.
Third trade of the day EJ short at 10122 down to 10102 for 20 pips. That trade initially moved against us, and i did consider closing it at one point, but decided to hold on and our analysis proved to be correct as it came back down for 20 pips profit.

Here are the trades we took today.

First trade of the day was Euro dollar long at 12721 up to 12781 for 60 pips. We actually opened that trade yesterday but closed it today.

Next trade of the day was AUD long at 10318 up to 10333 for 15 pips.

We also had another Euro long trade that i closed for 13 pips.

We just missed another AUD long by 1 pip which would currently be in around 22 pips profit. 🙁

We are having a decent week so far, and i am hoping for more pips tomorrow.

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