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Friday Trading. Dollar Weakness Sees Cable And Euro Rally.

Dollar weakened significantly yesterday which saw Euro and AUD rally, and Cable made a significant and aggressive move to the upside yesterday afternoon.

We took 4 trades yesterday first trade of the day was AUD short at 10415 down to 10395 for 20 pips.
Next trade was Cable long at 15930 up to 15875 for 45 pips. I would like to say that we held Cable all the way up to the highs but unfortunately that was not the case. The Cable move was completely out of the blue and was obviously bulled by stops getting hit. There was pretty low volume yesterday because of the holidays so the move up caught everyone out.

We did add a couple of short positions to Euro and Cable at the highs. We closed out one Euro trade for 9 pips profit, and a Cable trade for 12 pips profit.

We still have 2 trades that are being rolled over as they are slightly out of the money, but we should see them come back into a nice profit early next week. I may add to these positions on Monday if we get another move up, as i think the Euro and Cable are due a retrace next week.

Total trades for the week are 10, total profit 269 pips. Not as good as last week, but still OK. 🙂

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