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Greek Deal Done. Now We Can Get Back To Making Some Money.

Monday was a bit of a write off. The markets were waiting for the Greek deal all day so we had very little in the way of trading opportunities.

We did close a short on EJ that we put on on Friday at 10672. We closed that at 10640 for 32 pips. That was it really for Monday.

Now the Greek deal is out of the way, the markets returned to some form of normality.

Today we took EJ short again at 10695 and closed at 10650 for 45 pips.

We also took Euro short at 12990 down to 12960 for 30 pips.

We also closed out of a Euro short that we opened on Friday for 20 pips.

Decent day today but the markets are far from back to normal, so trading is very hard work at the moment.

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