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Some Nice Moves Yesterday And Today Producing Some Nice Trades

Here is a trading update from yesterday and today.

After a pretty quiet start to the week we had some nice moves yesterday and today, which produced some nice price action and some good trades.

Yesterday we took 3 trades.

First trade was Cable short at 16014 down to 15975 for 39 pips.
We then took AUD JPY long at 85.41 up to 85.61 for 20 pips. We don’t normally trade this pair but i was just flicking through the charts and i saw the set up so i took it. Pips are pips at the end of the day no matter how you get them they all add up. 🙂

Third trade of the day was Cable long at 15965 up to 15996 for 31 pips.
We could have taken a similar trade on the Euro but the set up was not as good so we decided on Cable.

Today we took 3 trades.

Euro short at 12992 down to 12945 for 47 pips.
We also took Cable short at 16048 down to 16016 for 32 pips.
We also took AUD long at 10429 up to 10439 for 10 pips.

I will give you a little trade for later today, or early tomorrow if it hits. AUD long at 10388. I have set a limit order at that level to buy AUD. As i am more than likely going to be asleep when this hits, and i will not be able to manage it, i am setting a 20 pips take profit on the trade. This should be a nice start to the day.

2 Responses to Some Nice Moves Yesterday And Today Producing Some Nice Trades

  1. Andy says:

    Hi Rob,

    Great to speak with you today. Like the site and very excited by the potential of moving my trading to the next level.

    I am, as I am sure you would have been, a bit sceptical, the site and ebay account are all relatively new…..

    However I would like to dip my toe into the water and have a couple of hours introduction with you.

    Is the one to one trading with you? When would you be available for a couple of hours?

    Kind regards

  2. Rob Taylor says:

    Hi Andy. I am happy to help you take your trading to the next level. Yes the one to one training is with me. I have sent you an email. Please check your bulk email folder if you have not received it.


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