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Tag Archives: students

The Secret To Successful Forex Trading

What does the market do everyday?

If you think about it logically the market can do 3 things every day. It can go up, it can go down, it can go sideways, but it always does something. The market does not stay at the same price for 24 hours, its always moving, it never stays still, and if its moving, its moving for a reason, and if you understand why its moving, then there are opportunities to make money from those moves.

what does the market do every dayMost traders fail to understand why the market moves as it does.

They think price goes up because people are buying, they think price goes down because people are selling, and they think the market goes sideways because people are not buying or selling.

That can sometimes be the case, but its not always the case. Most traders react to what they see on the chart, if they see prices going up they buy. If they see prices going down they sell.

So why is it that 95% of traders lose money, if they are doing what the chart is telling them to do?

Why traders lose money in the market.

The reason most traders lose is because they buy when they should be selling, and they sell when they should be buying. The reason they lose is because they buy when prices go up, but because they don’t know why the price is going up, they don’t know how long to hold the trade for, when prices then reverse they get stopped out. The same applies if price is going down.

why do traders lose moneyHow much money would you be able to make if you knew why price was going up or down, and you knew how long you could hold your trade for to make maximum profit. Not because of buying or selling, but because of some other factor that’s making price move.

So you have had no success with buying or selling into a move, so you try to catch the bottom or the top of a move. Prices start going up, so you sell. Prices start going down so you buy. Prices keep going so you add to your losing trade, and prices still keep going. When you have been stopped out prices then reverse.

Why did you lose your money? For the same reason that you lost it before. Because you were buying when you should be have been selling, and you were selling when you should have been buying. Whether you are trend trading, or counter trend trading you need to know why prices are moving, and whether you should be buying or selling.

Its not just as simple as buyers or sellers. Prices move for many reasons, and you need to know that reason before you enter a trade, so you are on the right side of the move.

Understanding the Forex market.

understanding the forex marketI get a lot of calls from traders that think i have some sort of magic formula for trading the markets. A holy grail, or a guaranteed method for Forex trading success. Well guys i have to confess that i don’t have such a thing, as such a thing does not exist. No one knows with a 100% confidence what will happen next in the Forex market. But if you fully understand what is making prices move, and take high probability trades based on that understanding, then you can be a successful trader.

I am not the master of the market, or a Forex trading guru, and i cannot promise you untold riches by enrolling on my training and mentoring program, but what i can promise you is that i will teach you what you need to know in order for you to be successful, and if you devote the time required to learn what i teach, then you will be a consistently profitable trader.

Embrace new ideas and beliefs.

How i trade, and what i teach is very unlike what you may have come across before, and it can take some traders longer than others to fully embrace what i teach, and adapt their trading strategies accordingly. It can be a struggle for some traders to get in the mindset of how a professional Forex trader thinks, and how he trades.

the truth about ForexIf you have been trading for a number of years and losing money all that time, it can be hard to let go of your learned behavior, and look at the market in a different way. Some traders however, will see my stuff as a light bulb moment in their trading journey, and my teachings will literally transform their trading overnight.

So to any prospective students reading this, if you are considering coming on board with me, please have an open mind, and be prepared to embrace new ideas and thought processes about how the market works. What i have to say will turn your understanding of the market on its head, so be prepared for some shocking revelations.

Use your understanding to trade with confidence.

I trade Forex with confidence and an unrivaled understanding of the forces that drive the market. My entries and exits in the market are based on high probability reversal points.

trade with confidenceSome of my entries and exits are so precise, that it does sometimes seem like the market is dancing to my tune, which has prompted some of my students to ask me if i have a contact on the inside, someone feeding me information on where to enter and exit the market. 🙂

It does sometimes look that way, but i can assure you i do not have a contact on the inside, and there is no slight of hand involved.

Everything i trade and teach is based in what the chart is telling me to do. I am not going to go into detail about how i trade, and how i teach, but its all based on market knowledge. All the information you need to do what i do is contained within the chart.

Don’t waste time and effort with free education.

free forex educationThere are many Forex training companies, or individuals that will give away free information, or make videos of how you should trade the market. There are 1000’s of free videos on You Tube that you can spend years trawling through. I respect those people for taking the time to put together training videos to help people learn how to trade Forex. But the sad fact is they are a waste of your time and effort.

You have heard of the saying you don’t get something for nothing, well its true 99% of the time. You can spend a few years going through all this stuff on You Tube, and don’t get me wrong, its entertaining stuff, and you will learn a lot of the basics, but as far as making money goes, there will be very little in there that will help you in that regard.

The secret to successful Forex trading.

I am going to give you something now that will help you in your journey to becoming a profitable trader. This is a very important part of what i do, and in my opinion is the real secret to successful Forex trading.

the secret to forex trading successMost people think the Forex market is random, but its not. I have been in this business long enough to know that no matter how random it looks, its not random. The market is very structured. The same things happen, time and time again in the market, and when you understand the market as i do, you can easily pick up on these recurring events, and use them to make a profit from the market.

This is what i teach you in my training course. I teach you to recognise the recurring events in the market, and how to profit from them. And i am not talking about chart patterns, like head and shoulders. Although head and shoulders are a very good pattern, if you know how to trade them correctly.

I am not talking about buying and selling at trend lines, or support and resistance levels. I am not talking about Elliot Wave, or Harmonics, or Moving Averages, or MACD or Bollinger Bands or any other indicator that you can find to give you trade signals. What i am talking about here are the guaranteed moves in the market that happen every day.

Use what you know about the market to make money.

what-do-you-knowThis may seem like a strange statement, but try and think about what i have just said.

Use what you know about the market to make money. Think about what you know about the market, and what makes price move. What do you really know, with the highest probability? Work out what you are most confident about, and trade based on that.

If you are unsure about how price is going to move then don’t trade. You need to focus on probability to be successful. Be proactive in your trading not reactive. Analise the market for probability, and trade when the probability of a successful trade is most in your favor.

Thanks for visiting my site, and have a great day. 🙂

April Starts Dates. 2 Places Now Available

robI have 2 spots available for start dates in April. So please contact me asap if you wish to book yourself a place.

I have not updated the blog for a while as i have been too busy with my trading room and teaching, and the last thing i want to do at the weekend is to start writing blog posts to be honest. 🙂

I am going to make an effort to try and update the blog at least once a week, as i know i have a few people that follow me, so id like to try and give you something to read.

The markets were a bit tricky after Christmas, and pips were harder to come by. If you were in the markets you probably lost a small fortune, as it was very hard to make money by following the traditional trading rules that most traders are trading by. I did OK as i don’t trade that way, but it has still been a struggle. But thankfully we are now back to some form of normality, so the pips are a lot easier to make.

I have had some nice trades in the last few weeks. Yesterday was a great day. I shorted Yen pairs and made a killing. I took over 200 pips yesterday from GJ AJ and EJ.

I set myself a target of 100 pips per week every week, so i made 2 weeks money yesterday in a few hours which was nice. 🙂

The students that i took on in January are getting up to speed now. So they should be fully conversant with my methods in a few weeks time, and i will be ready to start new students.

I am starting a new guy this Monday, so i only have 2 spots available for April starts. After that we will be looking at July before i can start any new students. So if you want to come on board please be quick.

That’s all for now. If you are trading keep your stops tight, and let your profits run. Have a great day. 🙂

Weekend Trading Update. New Earn While You Learn Forex Trading Room.

New Earn While You Learn Forex Trading RoomGood morning. This week has been very busy for me. I have had a few new students start in the last 2 weeks so i have been spending a lot of time with them, trying to get them up to speed as quickly as possible. So its not been a normal trading week for me.

I have also changed the way i run the earn while you learn option. I used to just give entries and exits and stops, but i found myself spending more and more time explaining my reasons for taking the trades, so i decided to set up a new live trading room for the earn while you learn students.

So now if you go for the earn while you learn option, not only will you be getting the chance to copy my trades, you will also be getting extra training in the live trading room. The feedback i have been getting from the students that are in this new room is very positive. They are really benefiting from the sessions, and their understanding of the market is greatly accelerated.

I have not taken as many high probability trades this week as i normally do, as i have been teaching for most of the week, but here is an update on the trades i did take.

Monday i took 2 trades for 41 pips. I took USD JPY long at 10154 up to 10181 for 27 pips. I also took Cable short at 15365 down to 15351 for 14 pips.

Tuesday i took 2 trades for 35 pips. I took AUD long at 9904 up to 9919 for 15 pips. I also took Cable long at 15234 up to 15254 for 20 pips.

Wednesday i took 3 trades for 67 pips. I took AUD long at 9857 up to 9888 for 31 pips. I also took Cable long at 15197 up to 15221 for 24 pips. I also took Euro long at 12856 up to 12868 for 12 pips.

Thursday i took 2 trades for 28 pips. I took AUD long at 9804 up to 9817 for 13 pips. I also took AUD long again at 9303 up to 9818 for 15 pips.

Friday was a bit of a tricky day as there was a lot of news about, and i am very wary with trading when news is out. I was very busy with teaching on Friday too but i did take one trade on Dollar Cad which was stopped out for 10 pips loss. The trade did work out, but i had a very tight stop for the benefit of the new students.

Total trades for the week 10, total pips 161.