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Thursday And Friday Trading.

We have had a couple of good days trading. As i mentioned yesterday we had a nice trade on EJ that triggered in the Asian session.

We went short at 10382, and closed at 10339 for 43 pips. I don’t generally like setting trades up while i am not at the PC, as i like to manage them rather than set entries and take profits, as the market is constantly changing, and i like to take full advantage of the situation. But this trade was too good an opportunity to miss so i set a pending short order with my broker, which i then managed Thursday morning.

We also had an AUD short yesterday. Another great entry at 10404 and which we shorted down to 10368 for 36 pips profit.

Today we took another EJ short at 10349 down to 10327 for 22 pips. It was a bit of a quiet day today. I expected a bit more volatility than we had, but we managed to get another trade in on Euro, short at 10363 down to 10318 for 45 pips.

Another good week of trading for us. We took a total of 16 trades for 301 pips. Which averages out at just over 18 pips per trade.

We set ourselves a target of 100 pips profit per week, but we always exceed that. We have made some good money this week, long may it continue. 🙂

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