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High Probability Forex Trading Strategies.

high probability forex trading strategiesOk, lets talk about high probability Forex trading strategies, and how they can improve your trading. Taking trades based on high probability set ups, will take your trading to a new level of success, and turn you from a Forex loser into a Forex winner.

High probability trading is about being able to predict the outcome of your trade to such a degree, that the odds of a successful outcome, far outweigh the odds of an unsuccessful one.

I am a high probability trader. On a good day i will take 4 or 5 trades, on a bad day i will take none. Now if you ask the average Forex trader what a good day and a bad day means to them, you will probably hear something like this. A good day would consist of taking around 20 trades, with 12 winners and 8 losers. A bad day would be taking around 15 trades with 12 losers and 3 winners. I did not take any trades today. That was a bad day for me, as i did not make any money. I did not lose any, but i did not make any. A bad day for me, is not about how much i lost today, its about how much i did not make today.

Its very rare that i lose money in the markets. If i do have a losing trade, and i do get them, there will usually be at least one or two more opportunities that day for me to close the day in profit. How do do it? Why do i get so many winners, and so few losers? Its very simple, i only take the trades that i know will be successful. Ok so know one can predict the future to the point where a successful trade is guaranteed i know, as major market moving news could be released, or a world war could break out. But baring major market moving news, the outcome of the trade is going to be successful with the highest probability possible. I only trade when the odds are stacked significantly in my favor.

high probability forex tradingSo how do you identify high probability Forex trading strategies? I am not going to go into detail about what i do and how i trade, as that is for my Forex training course, but what i will say is you need to understand the rules of the game. If you can imagine Forex trading as a game with 10 players, and each player has a belief about what is going to happen to the price, some traders think it will go up, and some traders think it will go down. Each trader will trade either up or down on the basis of what they believe the price will do next. If 9 traders think the price will go down and they sell the market, the chances are the price will go down. So if 9 out of 10 traders are selling, why would you want to buy?

The object of the game is to identify who is buying, and who is selling, and why. This is what i do very successfully. By knowing with the highest probability who is buying and who is selling, i can predict the future direction of price. Once i have worked out where the price is going, i just need to enter the trade either long or short, at the best possible entry price. This is what i do every day, and this is what i teach people to do. Once you have established the direction of price, then you just need to get into the move at the best possible level. I am not talking about trend trading, or chasing after a train that has left the station, i am talking about getting into a move before the move has even started. That is what i define as high probability trading.

If you wish to learn more about my high probability Forex trading strategies, please drop me an email or give me a call. Happy trading. 🙂

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